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  1. Pennsylvania WTB JLU Soft Top

    Thanks everyone....but I found one a couple weeks ago!
  2. Leveling Kit Advice

    New Jeep owner...newbie to EVERYTHING Jeep. My hubs is my mechanic....literally. We own our auto repair business. So when it comes to vehicles, I obviously tend to listen to him. I want a leveling kit to rid my Jeep of the rake. He's telling me to go with the 3/4", otherwise he thinks it will be...
  3. Pennsylvania WTB JLU Soft Top

    I would be up for trading however I want to keep my hard top. I want to be able to switch out for summer/winter.
  4. Pennsylvania Sold: WTB JLU Soft Top

    Looking for a JLU soft top. Willing to travel outside of PA a bit. I will be traveling to the eastern NC area towards the end of September and can stop anywhere along that route or even travel outside of that specific area while I am there.
  5. New York WTS premium soft top

    Sent message
  6. Pennsylvania WTB Jeep JLU MOJITO Hardtop and Mojito Fender Flares

    Willing to sell just your soft top?
  7. Pennsylvania JL Unlimited standard soft top

    I have a 2020 Sahara JLU. Will it fit mine?