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  1. N-Fab Trail Slider Steps

    NFab Tail slider Side Steps install finished with Hammerhead pinch weld cover:
  2. Do Jeeps need to be aligned after adding lift and tires?

    Alignment! Preferably at a Jeep shop that does lifts. Weird that the one you got the lift installed from did not care...
  3. JLUR Steel Bumper vs JK 10th Annv Bumper

    This one
  4. JLUR Steel Bumper vs JK 10th Annv Bumper

    It’s a barricade skid plate with some modification (cutting). Not a direct fit. You may want to look at the Rockhard 4x4 site and look at the 10th anniversary skid plate. A bit pricy but is thick steel and looks great.
  5. JLUR Steel Bumper vs JK 10th Annv Bumper

    What other winch plate options fit the 10th Annv Bumper?
  6. JLUR Steel Bumper vs JK 10th Annv Bumper

    Have the same bumper and thinking of using the ATP option… what small modifications did you do to make the winch plate fit? The bumper fits fine with no drilling needed…
  7. N-Fab Trail Slider Steps

    This trapezoid sits nice and solid behind the pinch weld. The 1/4” square tube sits lower than the pinch weld and protects it.
  8. N-Fab Trail Slider Steps

    These are not frame mounted. They are body mounted. The mounts go behind the pinch weld, thus you see the bolts and seams of the exposed pinch weld. I ordered the hammerhead pinch weld protector for extra strength (installed pictures coming up soon). No clue as to how it holds up for sliding…...
  9. N-Fab Trail Slider Steps

    Sharing some pictures of these steps I just put on myself over the weekend. Installing was easy and mounting is identical to the OEM Steps/rails.
  10. Rusty’s Winch Plate: Not Impressed

    I did not see the .25" in the description but now I do :) Thanks! :rock:
  11. Rusty’s Winch Plate: Not Impressed

    Would you know the gauge of the ATP winch plate?
  12. American Trail or Rampage rock rail side steps

    Thanks for your feedback! Like how it looks and it mounts on the body which I prefer... ordering soon... choosing between ATP and new NFAB rock sliders which mount the same.
  13. American Trail or Rampage rock rail side steps

    Can you share some pictures of how they mount and what the hardware looks like? i know its difficult now that they are on your jeep... just trying to see what it looks like since there are no pictures available...
  14. Fishbone Step Slider install

    Outrider1 The sliders seem to be what I have been looking for. Frame mounted. Only one hole to drill on frame (optional). A wide step. Minimal and functional. Within budget. Just waiting for some feedback before I pull the trigger. There must be someone out there that have these on...
  15. Fishbone Step Slider install

    Has anyone installed Fishbone Step Sliders? How did it go?
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the Dynatrac Endurosport 2" lift kit
  17. Portable air compressor and tire deflator suggestions.

    Curious on the Harbor Freight Compressor - how can you give us some comments on it? Definitely a plus on affordability...