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  1. Sport/s sahara owners with rubi wheels/tires

    Craigslist works decently in Phx. Sold mine for $500.
  2. ESS - Tips

    F'n Obama regulation. Have to make another whole battery for the Jeep. Whatever small amount of gas savings and emissions reduction you get is wiped out with the byproducts producing extra parts, replacing parts more often and having to make and dispose of another additional battery. Stupid...
  3. Rear Rattling 2018 JLU

    I had the same thing happen after my first hard off road run. I ended up adjusting the latch hoop for the rear gate. Now it pulls the gate just enough more in to put increased pressure on the window weather stripping. Quiet now. Old JK door rattle trick.
  4. Getting a 4 door sport this week. Advice please!!

    My point confirmed and 4 doors are all I will buy. I do 1000 more things in my jeep than go over a rock every few months.
  5. MPG impressive so far

    I do a mix of city 75% and 25% highway. I drive like an old man and can't seem to squeeze any more than an average of 18.5 during a tank. Jealous of these 23+ mpgs I'm hearing about.
  6. Getting a 4 door sport this week. Advice please!!

    It's much more expensive to have your Jeep rebuilt from a 2 door into a 4 door than it is to add power windows. Jees. Buy the Sport S.
  7. Am I the only one who likes my Jeep?

    Love it. I wish I could afford two.
  8. Where can I sell my OEM Jeep JL unlimited parts?

    The guy that does my lifts, etc said to put my Sport S front bumper in storage and wait for enough of these JLs to get on (and off) the roads and start getting into accidents. What you can't give away today may be worth a few hundred in 9 months. Patience.
  9. MPG impressive so far

    Pictures are worth a thousand potential deceits. I can make mine show 40, 50, 60. Just reset while letting off the gas at 75 mph and take a pic. Not saying you did it just saying it can be done.
  10. Any one with 275/65r20 no lift

    That's a 34 inch tire and is less than 11 inches wide. The rubbing will depend on the amount of lift if any and the offset of your rims. If a stock Sahara, they could run. Anyone else?
  11. Steering wheel much is "normal"

    Here's my 2 cents and worth every penny. I took on the task of adjusting the steering box the other day. For those that read, it was a nightmare. The lock nut was super tight and when it finally broke free the adjustment screw for lack of a better term was stuck to the nut. To make things...
  12. HELP!!!!

    ...or it gets hijacked!! Love you guys. Got it working. Gave it a bit more of an adjustment and things firmed up a little. I'm not going to touch it ever again. FYI, 16 inches of 3/8 socket extenders does the trick to break the loctite. Day wasn't a total waste, at least the Cowboys lost.
  13. HELP!!!!

    I love that guy. I'll PM him to tell him great job on his videos.
  14. HELP!!!!

    Did you get the part about tongue and cheek? Not bashing, figured everyone was watching football like I should have been. You have to admit if I said I dont like blue Wranglers I would have 20 responses in 2 minutes. My audience was very narrow for this type of issue. No worries.
  15. HELP!!!!

    I hear ya. Now that everything broke free I feel I can do some fine tuning. Next weekend.
  16. HELP!!!!

    UPDATE*** A bit tongue in cheek but this forum is on you in seconds if you use 3M tape or give an opinion about ride quality or how a Rubicon is not worth the money but I had a real issue and needed a response and got CRICKETS. I was able to screw the set screw all the way in then put on the...
  17. Do all JL rubicons come with Red tow hooks?

    Now you've gone and said something ridiculous. Red tow hooks tow better, we all agree with that, but how fast a Jeep goes can't be based on color. C'mon!
  18. Arizona Trail Run Thread

    October 6th or 13th? Was just remembering another trail we did in my old club. Table Mesa exit east then north along I-17 and winding up in Rock Springs. You cross under the freeway a few times along the washes. Please reply with dates that work. I need time to do a pre-run.
  19. Arizona Trail Run Thread

    Phoenix area Jeeps: Looking to see if there's any interest in a run early October. Thinking Table Mesa to 7 Springs or maybe 4 Peaks. ???
  20. 2-Door Rubicon taller than my JLUR??

    Steel bumper and stinger.