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  1. Starter issues:

    Yes on the different regions. Always been pop the clutch around here.
  2. Remote Start Not Working

    I had a 2018 did the same thing. Battery problem. It would start in the jeep but not with the fob. Both batteries tested bad.
  3. Starter issues:

    Battery problem
  4. Tell me about your first Jeep.

    Many years ago, CJ3B. A couple TJ's, a JKU, and 2 JLU's since.
  5. What Gas Treatment/Injector Cleaners Do You Use???

    This and if i see a tanker at a station filling the tanks i go on by. They stir up all the crap that laying on the bottom of the tank.
  6. Odometer oddity (with photos)

    My previous jeep [2018] did that same thing. It would go back to normal in a couple miles or so. Told my local dealer tech about it, he checked for codes and reflashed the computer . Good to go after that.
  7. Still bricked JL 8.4" head unit, am I the only one?

    If you have a smart phone, you are already being watched
  8. When your friend gives their honest opinion on Jeeps.

    I remember a old harley statement, hold's true to jeep's also. If i had to explain it, you wouldn't understand. Your view on it changes when you have been in the seat.
  9. JLU Sahara Lower Control Arm length

    I have the ones i just took off my 21 sahara to replace with the mopar 2" lift ones. They are 24" on center.
  10. While the A/C is on, The Jeep randomly blows HOT air from the floor vents for 3-5 mins then stops

    Knock on wood, i think they may have fixed this issue on the new wranglers as my 2021 has not done this yet in 2500 miles.
  11. While the A/C is on, The Jeep randomly blows HOT air from the floor vents for 3-5 mins then stops

    You still have ac and heat. You won't have unfiltered outside air dumping on your feet.
  12. My auto stop start saga

    I had my 2018 JL in several times for recalls. First thing they did was hook a battery charger to it before working on it. Probley why yours was good for a few days after the repairs.
  13. Dash Warning Lights

    My dealer told me the battery warranty is 3/36. No cost replacement. Have them check it.
  14. Ignition/starting issues 2018 JLUR

    My 18 was doing some strange things similar to that when my aux batt was bad. Ended up changing both. Might try jumping it.
  15. No new inventory going on a month now

    I had been looking at a new grand cherokee limited to add to the garage. One dealer i went to was selling them at 3k over invoice. Ended up ordering one for a fair amount under invoice plus they have 4k in incentives now. Ord 9/21, build date 10/12. Got a email last night from jeep wave that...
  16. Hail Damage - insurance claim or PDR?

    I had hail damage on my previous jeep[2018 JLU]. Took it to a dent removal shop i know. 78 small dents in the hood. Did it for $250. Good deal i thought.
  17. What was your first modification??

    My wife wanted the Amp power steps on asap. [She's short]The new jeep went straight to our garage [12 miles on it] and we did the install. She did the under dash wiring on the pass side along with being a big help with the rest. 3rd set we have put on our jeeps.