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  1. Coal Mountain Jeep Jamboree (PA) Trip Journal - Photos & Videos

    Looks like it was a blast! I was on the wait list for the Jeep Adventure Academy Rubicon Trail in August. I wasn't quick enough responding on the first opening but then they closed the forests to all activities due to the Dixie and Caldor fires anyways.
  2. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    Little life hack, if you have a garage you have a lift. I've used 2-2" tie down ratchet straps from the rafters to take my truck's bed shell off for years. 1. Tie one end of the strap around the rafter one one side of the vehicle 2. Loop the ratchet end around the rafter on the other side and...
  3. 315/70/17 on Rubicon stock wheels/bump stops question.

    Thanks for your reply your experiences are helpful! I still have a little meat left on my BFGs so I don't have to move on this right away but when I do I'll update the thread with my results.
  4. '21 RAM Rebel

    Haven't owned a Rebel but love the package. The used ones around here are commanding a steep price even before the chip shortage. After the Rubi is paid off I'll drop other debt for a year and save up a sizeable down and then order a new one built to the hilt to replace my ageing 2500. I was...
  5. 315/70/17 on Rubicon stock wheels/bump stops question.

    How well does it fit on the spare tire carrier? Do they rub the bumper or 3rd brake light anywhere? I have the reinforced tailgate with the factory metal bumpers and have been searching and debating what to go with. I've been looking hard at the MT Baja Radial MTZ P3 315x70x17 which come in at...
  6. NorCal Caldor Fire forest closure

    This is just horrible first the Dixie and now this! Even with the massive commitment to the Dixie they can't seem to grow the containment, over a month later and still at 35%. This doesn't bode well for the Caldor fire.
  7. We shouldn’t be responsible for the first two broken windshields!!!

    Don't know, they didn't explain why and they did offer the Gorilla Glass replacement so it wasn't to keep me from going elsewhere. I would like to see their claim confirmed or proven false though.
  8. We shouldn’t be responsible for the first two broken windshields!!!

    While traveling on the interstate I watched a large rock sail over the vehicle in front of me and hit me just below the top of the windshield. yeah it sucks but I was just glad it hit the glass which is easily fixed and not on the body mucking up my paint. By the time I got home from the trip...
  9. Hard Top 2dr - Black or Body Colored?

    I got the Pumpkin Metallic so I went with the black top to break up the bright paint and offer some contrast on the darker colors I like the painted better, more seamless and the color isn't overwhelming. I also went with the painted fenders because they look tons better to me I then added self...
  10. How bad is registration in your area?

    Ahh so you guys have to do the sales tax when you license, we do ours when its financed. I think our registration tax is so high because we have no state tax, they gotta make it up somewhere! (For the record the sales tax was $3704.64)
  11. How bad is registration in your area?

    You guys must not get hit with a property tax on vehicles every year to renew the plates. Would be nice!
  12. How bad is registration in your area?

    Similar, the state charges a tax based on a percentage of the vehicles value every year to register it, plus other fees of course. ;)
  13. How bad is registration in your area?

    Wow just the charge for my personal plate was almost that!
  14. How bad is registration in your area?

    Ok I know Jeeps hold their value but Good God! $768 initial registration and now $752 for first renewal, only a $16 drop for the registration! Yowza! I loaded my Rubicon JLU up to the tune of $55,900 when I ordered it so that's what Nevada is basing it on. How bad are you getting soaked?
  15. JLU Cargo Liner (bag style)

    Yup that's what I did as well! Bought 2 for like $12 I lay one down for hauling my mountain bike. It protects my plastics and sub woofer from scratches and dirt and the bike stays safely locked inside and if I'm parked anywhere with it inside I use the second one to cover it up from prying eyes.
  16. Trashed paint in 1 trip.

    One of the first mods I did was clear bra the painted fenders, grill and headlights and fogs. After replacing broken fogs on a previous vehicle I put PPF on the new ones and haven't had a broken one since. I agree with everyone else KO2s are bad rock chuckers but they're good long lasting semi...
  17. JL envy or set in their ways

    Don't really care what others think of my Jeep I just know I always wanted one and when the time came I could finally get one I ordered exactly what I wanted bar none. I bought this for me and nobody else. ;)
  18. Picked up 2020 JLUR - fun first drive

    Congrats! Don't you just love the LED package? So worth it!
  19. Kilroy