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  1. Insane Jeep recovery on Suicide Road

    Yeah I figure his Youtube is at least $75k a month if not more plus his business. Beats me, I would assume he could write off the losses of people not paying but maybe Utah won't let him do that without first sending it to collections or local court jacking up their credit, fees for him idk. So...
  2. Insane Jeep recovery on Suicide Road

    I'm gonna assume he was referring to Matt having people sign up for AAA after a recovery if they couldn't pay, falsify dates on paperwork, then submit claims. Articles I read had it in the $15,000 range of fraud which probably is about 15-25 claims if I had to guess. Not the majority of his work...
  3. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    Let Doug solve all your questions
  4. 2018 jl 3.6 sludge in engine?

    Page 28 Section 10 "FCA US LLC will require you to provide proof that your vehicle was properly maintained." I'm not trying to be a dick for OP just preparing him for what the steps the dealer will follow for a warranty claim
  5. 2018 jl 3.6 sludge in engine?

    I tell everyone to follow the regularly scheduled maintenance intervals in the owners manual. Assuming that's what OP did he shouldn't have issues. The issue may arise if he can't produce documents showing that he did the maintenance. Then it's a long frustrating road to get the claim done
  6. 2018 jl 3.6 sludge in engine?

    Section 3.3 of the warranty manual online
  7. 2018 jl 3.6 sludge in engine?

    I can only speak as a Nissan dealer, but you may run into some issues trying to get something fixed under warranty without documentation showing that the maintenance was done at the regularly scheduled intervals. IF that's why they say the problem is arising. Try another dealer and see if they...
  8. Looks like used prices are coming down

    Yeah being a dealer I just pulled MMR on 2018 Unlimited Sport S. Stayed steady in the mid $30,000 range July to August over a 100 transactions. So yeah just take the L on this one man. Used car prices are going to be high through the end of the year. Source, Manheim and being an actual dealer
  9. How bad is this deal on new Rubi? Please

    Money factor's are very high right now everywhere. Not that a dealer has control over it I think even on my leased 18 Sport it worked out to be in the 4% range
  10. Rubicon Build General Thoughts

    Have a 21’ e-torque. Wheeling it stock for the summer to get the feel of it. Already have an exhaust leak 😂 good shop to seal it. I’m looking at 37’s, 3.5”, and a brake kit. Help me and others if you’ve run something similar or your build! I ran 35’s on base Sport axles and gears with no...
  11. Straight Pipes Branco Review - RIP JEEP!

    Agreed. Saw my first one in the wild this past Sunday driving and it looked as fugly as I thought it would when it was revealed. Interior and tech specs are great on them though! Just not my cup of tea for looks. And the IFS would kill a lot of fun on boulders at Rausch Creek and AOAA
  12. Took the doors off then this happened

    Weirdly enough after having put my doors back on my ESS no longer works, doors off no issues. Maybe put them back on and see if it works! Ha
  13. Height on 37's with 3.5" Lift

    Basically looking to see what sort of height you guys are running with a soft top and I can still garage it. My 18 Sport fit just fine with 35's and 2.5" but going to go bigger on my new Rubi over the summer and want to make sure it can still fit. My math is close but any help would be appreciated!
  14. Exhaust Leak/Rattle After Off-Roading for the First Time

    I originally thought underneath but nothing pushed up into it thankfully. My tech knows Jeeps decently well and we could see a little rattle by the engine. He's gonna throw it up on a lift later this week to see if he can pinpoint it
  15. Exhaust Leak/Rattle After Off-Roading for the First Time

    Did a little event Saturday in my new 21 JLUR. 3.6. Noticed a rattling noise when accelerating on the ride home assume i pushed something into the exhaust. Had a tech at my dealership look at it today he said its an exhaust leak up in the engine bay most likely? Any similar experiences or...
  16. Buying my first Wrangler (Price Advice)

    You can shop around but honestly don't expect much off of MSRP right now. Being in sales most cars coming into dealer lots are already sold or have been ordered. Anyone saying they got a discount a month of two ago is probably correct but you won't find any crazy deals right now. It's a sellers...
  17. New York 67 Designs JL Rail System $100

    Mind sending a photo? Just sold my jeep and need a replacement
  18. New York 2018-21 Wrangler JL/Gladiator Parts

    Front bumper still available? Pics if so. Thanks!
  19. JLUR Questions - value of the HD 4:1 and how the sway bar disconnects works?

    Thanks, yeah my 18 Sport has the JKS quick which are nice but still annoying. I was more interested in the mechanism which someone else informed me was in the center which makes sense to me. The closest equipped new one I could find has the 4:1 so not a big deal but couldn't find a great...