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  1. Interest rate increase

    That's exactly what I did except that my last new car purchase was in 1999. I'm still driving my Texas Cadillac ( 99 Chevy Suburban).
  2. Interest rate increase

    I got 0% 18 months ago on My 2DR Jl Sport S (Paid Cash)
  3. How do I stop my JL from reporting daily the mileage, oil condition etc.. t the Jeep dealer electronically?

    The more I read, the more I am glad that I dumped the You"CON"ect and got my TEYES CC2+ ($250). Two years ago.
  4. Tell me about your first Jeep.

    In the summer of 1958, about two weeks after high school graduation, I joined the Army to get away from milking cows and pitching hay. While at Fort Dix, NJ, waiting for my EOD school assignment I was tasked to sign out a Jeep every morning at the motor pool to act as the driver for a Major...
  5. Outside temp wrong

    Mine is off by around 10 degrees - too warm
  6. Installed Genesis Dual Battery Kit and Results Are looking Good!

    I have had this setup for over a year now and it has been problem free. I also installed the remote monitor above my windshield. And the Genesis supplied remote 12V wiring to run my Fridge. That monitor install took me longer than putting the battery kit in. Genesis System gets a thumbs up...
  7. Extended warranty scam telemarketers

    When I'm bored I will string them along saying that I would love to extend my warrantee. When they ask the Make, year and model of my vehicle. As soon as I say it's a 99 Chevy Suburban, they hang up. Another way I have heard to frustrate them is to answer yes to everything they ask until they...
  8. Aux Switch Panel - OEM vs aftermarket?

    I configured my self installed AUX switch kit with my Jscan with no problems.
  9. Aux Switch Panel - OEM vs aftermarket?

    That $46.59 panel you listed is only for the panel itself, not the entire kit. What you are looking for is here ($351.90) There are many sources for this kit. As low was $304 to over...
  10. Does anyone use the "manual" mode on the automatic transmission?

    The road to my house is 2 and a half milers constantly up hill on a gravel road from the nearest paved road. I use it daily when leaving my house to save on my having to ride my brakes for the first mile. I usually keep it in 2nd until the grade lessens then I will turn it off and let the Jeep...
  11. Would you let your 16 year old have a Jeep?

    Only if you want him or her dead or disabled. Google for the stats.
  12. Off road navigation?

    Backcountry Navigator using USGS TOPO Maps on my Teyes CC2+L (Free)
  13. How much jounce bumper left at full stuff?

    If the condial connector is attached only half way up the caudilla shaft, then the Finnegan Fin will properly align with the output shaft. Removing approximately 50% of the shock absorber oil will mediate the resulting vibration problems.
  14. UPPDATE post #16-Timer for Engine Block Heater so as not to waste electricity

    I use one of these to remotely operate the block heater in my diesel (Kubota) tractor with attached snowblower. Works very well from my house to my garage. About 50 feet...
  15. Unofficial 2 door owners section...until the admins create one for us ...hint hint ...wink wink

    Maximus 3 short rack with a Smittybilt Overlander RTT and ARB rear awning. Currently building an Off Road trailer on which the RTT will then be mounted. The Roof rack will then be dedicated to carrying an OldTown Solo Canoe for fishing trips up here in the Maine North Woods and other watery...
  16. Unofficial 2 door owners section...until the admins create one for us ...hint hint ...wink wink

    My 2019 The Roamer. I was going to call it the Wanderer, but thought that might aggravate its tendency to act more squirrely on the road.