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  1. Ohio WTB JLU Rubicon fenders

    Looking to buy black textured Rubi fenders and liners.
  2. Sport rear fender flare part number?

    So I decided it would be a great idea to back into a pole the other day. Going to replace everything myself. I’m having a hard time locating the part number for the passenger side rear fender flare. Tried dealer and they won’t give me the number. Just curious if anyone has it off hand.
  3. 3” lift and driveshafts

    Thank you all for the quick input! I really appreciate it! The place I deal with is also calling the manufacturer to verify driveshaft angle and available caster plates. May just stick with 2.5”.
  4. 3” lift and driveshafts

    Do I need to worry about driveshaft issues with a 3” lift?