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  1. Dana 30 inner pinion bearing PN help

    Are you going to use it for a setup bearing? If so, you might should use the same bearing part #. Hell, I'll send you a D30 setup bearing I used when redoing mine.
  2. Second theft in 3 months - Do I get rid of my wrangler?

    Objects get blamed for crime all the time. It how you deflect from the SOURCE of the problem.
  3. Beware the Little Trees!!!

    I just take showers
  4. Trail Turn Assist Now Available on JL With Tazer

    It's a gimmick. It's a gimmick on the Bronco, and now it's a gimmick on the Jeep.
  5. Stock Wrangler vs Stock Bronco Offroading

    I kind of feel his pain being a very early JL owner myself. Some of the growing pains are painful. Didnt have anything as bad as a blown engine, but still frustrating.
  6. 2022 Wrangler Brochure Available

    I dont see the Extreme Recon Package as an option when building a Jeep on the website. That would be a pretty nice nice base Jeep to build because of the axles.
  7. What's the best snow broom/brush?

    Where do you store all your tools?
  8. Anyone added a rear locker to their Willys?

    What kind of advice are you looking for? I put a lunchbox locker in the front and an ARB locker in the rear of my Sport
  9. Jeep Wrangler JL Clutch Catches On Fire - Was It Under Warranty? - Safety Recall Y07

    Thanks for that part number. I just tried searching for it on mopar sites and can't find it. I'll go to the dealer again. Last time I went to the dealer to buy those parts it wasn't even shown as available to buy. The part wasn't even in the schematic. He said that when those cable ties...
  10. Should I trade 2021 JLU Sahara for 2022 Rubicon or 2022 Rubicon 4xE

    Spending any money on offroad stuff (including entire trim packages) if you don't offroad doesn't even make any sense to me.
  11. Transfer Case Swap From Rubicon to Sport?

    I found mine on ebay. I think I paid just over 1300.00 delivered and taxes included. It was a new takeoff.
  12. Transfer Case Swap From Rubicon to Sport?

    It was plug and play. Direct bolt on/replace. No additional parts needed except using my Tazer JL to program the 4:1 ratio. I think 4hi part time you refer to is the transfer case in the Sahara. I also regeared my Jeep to 5:13 but it isnt necessary or required for a transfer case swap.
  13. Transfer Case Swap From Rubicon to Sport?

    Yeah, I swapped mine in my driveway. I'm not sure what you mean by part time. The rubicon transfer case function wise is the same as the sport.
  14. Transfer Case Swap From Rubicon to Sport?

    The only other thing is you'll need a Tazer JL to tell your Jeep you put in a 4:1 transfer case. The swap is a pain in the ass. The Sport transfer case has castings that hide a couple of the bolts holding it to the transmission. They require several dozen swears to remove.
  15. Having trouble figuring out this pattern. New gears/bearings.

    I am officially stuck. This doesn't make any sense. Here is .032 and .042. It seems to me it needs more pinion shims, but when I try .051 it binds. The ring gear is binding on the pinion shim. I put a flat file on he ring gear just in case (forgot to do that), tightened up the backlash and...
  16. Having trouble figuring out this pattern. New gears/bearings.

    Installing Dana 5.13's in the front of my Sport (d30) I can't figure out what's wrong with this pattern. I mean I know it's wrong, but I can't find any resources on how to correct this. Whats the cause of the high toe print on the drive side? Pattern #2 is where i quit for the day...
  17. m186 shim compatibility? I need more carrier shims.

    I got some today. Yukon Gear part # sk ssm35
  18. m186 shim compatibility? I need more carrier shims.

    The Dana master install kit doesn't have enough shims in it. From the factory it's shimmed .1360 on the left and .1170 on the right. I just regeared the front and my backlash is too much (.010) The crappy set of shims with my Dana master install kit doesn't give me enough shims to make a...
  19. Replacing current LSD with Air Lockers

    I have a Sport with the LSD and went the rounds with the dealer to get it fixed. I finally decided to fix it myself and put new gears/bearings/locker in myself. In my driveway. The ARB locker will go in just fine. It replaces the Sport's LSD carrier.
  20. Replacing current LSD with Air Lockers

    Chances are good your LSD is going to fail long before your warranty is up. Getting the shop to warranty fix/replace it when it does is the problem. There's a lengthy thread about it in the issues sub-forum. That's the good and the bad news. It's good because you can start saving for an ARB...