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  1. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    I was finally able to solve the steering problem with our 2018 Rubicon. We had the steering box replaced, new alignment, reprogrammed stuff the dealer said had to be done. Steering was still lousy. In order to make it perfect, all we had to do was replace the 2018 with a 2021 4xe. Now it steers...
  2. CEL light on, drive mode buttons not working **found trouble code

    I've had a recent issue with my CE light coming on after driving on the beach. After a few miles of road driving it shuts off again. Also noticed the forward collision warning light comes on as well and then also resets. Soonest the dealer can see me is two weeks from now so I guess they are not...
  3. 4XE - Worse mileage than other motors (after battery depleted)?

    I'm about 3500 miles in after 6 months with the 4xe. I've kept pretty good track of miles and distances, all based on an unmodified Rubicon soft top, a little beach use but mostly local moderate speed 30-50 mph. I recharge most nights and frequently drive 40-50 miles in a day. So far, my worst...
  4. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Traded my 2018 JLUR for a 2021 4xeR, steering problem solved.
  5. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    So does that not include the cost of electricity for the first 20-30 miles? If not you should just deduct the miles traveled on the initial charge, then divide the remaining miles by the gallons of gasoline added (ie. 80 miles total minus 25 miles initial charge = 55 miles divided by X gallons...
  6. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    just based on the averages I’ve experienced so far (And this is only over 1300 miles), I’ll get about 26 miles all electric with mpg reading 60-70, then drive remaining miles in Hybrid mode seeing about 10% of those miles electric and 90% gas. Those ICE/hybrid miles easily average 25 mpg. From a...
  7. 4xe real mpg, tank range?

    It actually is great in electric mode, although it can't quite match my Rav4 Hybrid in terms of cost per mile. It costs about 2 bucks to fully charge the battery (although I get electricity from rooftop panels for zero dollars). I've gotten anywhere from 23 to 30 miles on this electricity when...
  8. 4xe real mpg, tank range?

    I have 900 miles on my 4xe and it still indicates 3/4 tank of gas left. It's a completely meaningless number and does not mean I am getting 225 mpg.
  9. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    It makes no sense to me. How can you drive 80 miles with none being electric powered? It almost looks like M8 activates the E-save mode. I typically see about 50-70 mpge starting out, then dropping to 24-28 mpg (for gasoline use only) after the battery hits 1%. I frequently drive the same 38...
  10. How is MPG figured for 4xe

    The problem is that automakers base MPGe on the equivalent electrical energy of a gallon of gasoline, which has no good correlation to what we pay for electricity. The easiest way to make a legitimate comparison is to figure out what electricity costs you (typically about 13-15 cents per kw/hr...
  11. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    In my area of NJ, diesel costs 20% more than unleaded. You would never even come close to making up the cost of the diesel engine vs a standard 2.0 liter or the 4xe no matter how much long distance driving you do.
  12. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    I drove mine 300 miles after battery depletion the day after I bought it, reset the trip meter as soon as the ICE kicked on. Averaged just over 24 mpg at highway speeds, 65 mph.
  13. How is MPG figured for 4xe

    Unfortunately that’s just more unquantifiable information. Who knows how many kilowatts went into all the recharges? I don’t always start recharging at 1%, might take 15kw, maybe only 6 depending on the miles I drive each day. The only viable, meaningful figures you can compare are: 1) electric...
  14. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    Remember Tesla is all electric. Jeep 4xe is a hybrid capable of only 20-30 miles all electric. The battery takes about 15 kw to charge at 14 cents +/- per kw.
  15. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    I am seeing cost per charge at about 65% of the cost of one gallon of gas, around 2 bucks. Based on 26-28 mile range, this works out to 7 1/2 cents per mile (or zero cents per mile since I'm getting electricity from solar panels). Gasoline use is running 25 to 28 mpg, about 11 to 12 cents per...
  16. How is MPG figured for 4xe

    Well, still getting as much as 29 mpg in hybrid mode after resetting the mpg meter once the ICE kicks on at 1% battery life. I think you’d have to beat the 4xe pretty hard to get down to 20 mpg. Must be those same testers who rate the Wrangler so poorly at Consumer Reports.
  17. 53.6 MPG in a Wrangler 4XE?!?!

    If 700 lbs =25 miles +/-, we're talking 28 lbs per mile. If you can lift a 140 lb battery into place to get an additional 5 miles you're a better man than I, but then again I don't drink coffee.
  18. 53.6 MPG in a Wrangler 4XE?!?!

    Maybe because the battery weighs about 700 lbs?
  19. Started drive yesterday with 30 mile e range?

    If it's high tide and I have to drive in soft sand I'll let the tires down to 15 psi. Absolutely no problems then.
  20. How is MPG figured for 4xe

    I doubt that the 20 mpg figure came from HYbrid Mode as it specifically states “gasoline only”, which I think is E Save mode. After the battery is drained, and running in hybrid mode, I’ve never seen worse than 24 mpg after resetting the tripmeter, and sometimes 28 mpg plus. Keep in mind that...