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  1. Whirring noise with clutch pushed in

    Do you remember how many hours the dealer billed you for?
  2. Whirring noise with clutch pushed in

    Good evening, 2021 JLUR6MT 10,499 miles. If I'm in gear with foot on clutch there is a quiet whirring noise. The noise kind of pulsates and just started doing it this morning. I never drive with the clutch in. I shift to neutral and release clutch if I have to slow down or sit at stop light...
  3. Anyone get the Y01 update on their Wrangler?

    What rpm is it sluggish at? Does it run better in 4wd after you push offroad mode? I want to trick the dam thing to think it's in 4wd without shifting into 4wd just for extra torque from offroad mode
  4. 2021 Rubicon can lock rear locker in 4H

    Different engine mapping (noticeable low rpm torque increase I'm sure mileage is worse but if worked in 2 high would drive like that all the time) Different transmission cal (I have manual so no idea how) Let's you shut off more stuff Locker in 4 high
  5. JLR or JLUR height on 42's - max allowed is 6'3"

    This seems most logical to me. But I suppose OP might have to pay storage or something when leaving jeep?
  6. Service 4WD message and then piece of metal falls out of jeep

    People drive around in 4 lo all day in moab. Moab has lots of turns and near perfect traction. You didn't wreck it by turning in snow. Even full throttle u turns in snow.
  7. Explain Death Wobble?

    A true death wobble is when your front tires start turning left and right rapidly and uncontrollably. It's entirely unpredictable and you have to slow to a near stop to get it to stop. I think the term gets over used here by people coming from ifs to describe a shimmy as you hit expansion...
  8. Wrangler JL rubicon front diff housing

    If you imported it from America. You have to get American front diff as is wider than European rubicon front diff.
  9. 2021 Rubicon can lock rear locker in 4H

    Further testing I had it up to 55mph and locker stayed engaged. To get ESC off have to be under 15mph.
  10. 2021 Rubicon can lock rear locker in 4H

    Just messing around with my manual ruby. -Put it in 4h. -Turn on offroad+ -Turn traction control back on -Hold traction control button until it says "Electronic Stability Control off" -Hit locker rocker either direction will only lock rear -Enjoy I've tried it with just offroad plus without...
  11. Something wrong or just no balls

    Just checked in my 2021 manual with offroad+. In 4h offroad+ turns off traction control but NOT stability control. Hold traction control after pressing offroad+. It will pop up on dash display when stability control is off. 4L shuts it fully off. Something to remember is brake lock diff...
  12. Towing snowmobiles with a 2 door

    This guy gets it. They don't set the tow ratings for 60 degrees. No wind. Table flat towing conditions.
  13. Why only 33" tires on the Wrangler Rubicon 392?

    Gotta be a crash or roll over rating thing more than anything.
  14. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    Easier on axle shafts. Just like the 2.7 to 1 low range. Easier on drive shafts and diffs. Full throttle low range with this and full rubi gearing would make the d44 cry.
  15. Replace rear window.

    Anyone replace a rear window on hard top? Trying to buy a used top but rear window is broken out. Not finding much online for ordering a window.
  16. Can’t get door back on

    Small deadblow and a soft towel
  17. How to see see invoice price?

    Just leave. Even my small town dealer gave me the POC. It has all the options msrp and invoice for each option.
  18. Who on the forums has a 2021 Wrangler? Whoever does share it here!

    Got her 7 days ago last night on way home from work was first day decent enough for top to be down.
  19. Which model should I buy- Rubicon or?

    Your still missing lockers, 4:1 transfer case and regearing diffs. It all depends on end goals of the owner on whether or not sports are more budget friendly. I'm not arguing the fact that a sport with limited slip can make it down almost all trails either. I know it can. Just your sports are...
  20. Which model should I buy- Rubicon or?

    43,690 rubicon 37,185 sport S $6500 is the difference don't have to get you panties in a bunch. Dana 44s, lockers, gearing, roctrac transfer case, sway bar disconnect, bigger display in between gauges, offroad plus, universal door opener, rock sliders, 33s, longer travel shocks and 1.5 inch...