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  1. Genesis Offroad Dual Battery Issue

    I have had zero problems with the Genesis dual battery system. My Rubi had the OEM large output option. I removed both of the OEM AGM batteries. The Stop-Start system still worked.
  2. How accurate is your GPS navigation?

    Generally, the GOTO function seems to be fairly accurate. However, the actual location can be quite a distance off. For example, I input my doctor's office. The NAV function was correct for each turn, etc. but the NAV location was displayed about 1/2 mile from its actual position. The address...
  3. Advice needed about cargo area shelf

    There is an 8 inch gap between my Fabtech tray and the tailgate window. Only about 1 inch between the tray and the top of the rear seats.
  4. How to activate heavy duty trailer wiring

    My JL Rubi came with the heavy duty trailer wiring. Combo 4 conductor outlet and 7 conductor outlet. The outlets don't have power! I have 4 and 7 conductor testers and neither register any power. The user manual simply assumes that there is power being fed to the is not! The factory...
  5. Radio Issue - turns itself on

    I have an '18 JL with 8.4 Uconnect. Yes, several times during the last year the radio would turn itself on, when I started up the Rubi. I have assumed that the electronic 'geniuses' at Jeep still don't know much about their own design. "It's a with it"
  6. How to connect JL RR BackBone to Pioneer Plaform?

    The GPS antenna, in the factory position, worked flawlessly under the Platform. But the SirusXM radio would loose signal at certain compass directions. The GPS antenna gets signals from multiple satellites, so the reception remains even when one or more signals are blocked by the Platform. But...
  7. Those of you with Pioneer Platform use the Wind Fairing?

    I installed the Pioneer Platform wind fairing...Just got back from a trip to Yellowstone, driving against 40 mph wind gusts on 70-80 mph highways. The roar from the 'flying brick' front end more than covered any noise from the Platform. I did not notice any noise in calm conditions at moderate...
  8. How to connect JL RR BackBone to Pioneer Plaform?

    I have the 'locking legs'. The legs are bolted to the Back Bone pads using M6 bolts. The bottom of the Platform rails sit about an inch above the Freedom Panels. I like this because the Platform sits as low as possible. I also mounted the Rhino Rack Air Dam which extends the full width of the...
  9. How to connect JL RR BackBone to Pioneer Plaform?

    I finally figured out the problem...the installation illustration for drilling the holes is wrong! The image incorrectly shows holes to drill in the outer rim of the platform. The rear factory holes labelled in the illustration are the holes to use and to measure forward for the four other...
  10. How to connect JL RR BackBone to Pioneer Plaform?

    I assembled the RR Back Bone RJLB1 and Pioneer Platform 42108BF, the package also included 6 RCL Legs. I had assumed that the legs would fit three of the Back Bone cross bars. But the Back Bone cross bar spacings are different from the leg spacings! RR sent me a one page fitting chart, which...
  11. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I want to fasten my RTT directly to my Pioneer Platform (tent floor to platform/not cross bars). What bolt assembly will fit in the Platform tracks (manufacturer, SKU #, correct terminology, etc.)? I checked with Home Depot, etc. and could not locate any 'channel nut' etc. that would fit into...
  12. Sirus-GPS Antenna connection?

    There is a relocation bracket available for the antenna...but for a simple piece of steel it is very expensive ($35+).
  13. Parts on Backorder

    If FCA doesn't carry spare items in stock, they don't have money tied up in inventory. You already have purchased your why warehouse spare parts? They know you will have to wait any way if there are no other suppliers.
  14. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I ordered one from Northridge. I have found that orders and deliveries seem to be faster from retailers than from the manufacturers. Many retailers' prices and shipping costs (if any) are usually less than ordering directly.
  15. Off road pages again

    It's hard to believe that FCA would program an engine gauge system that requires the Jeep to communicate with them just for the information to be sent back to the vehicle! Rain gutters that dump water onto its passengers? A bow-legged lift? Who designed this thing...Homer Simpson?
  16. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    My roof-top tent is three seasons. I had hoped to use the RR back-bone Pioneer Platform with it this summer. Because of the delays, I am now assuming that the system won't actually be available for installation until mid-fall (July order, August out of stock announcement, late September...
  17. Rhino-Rack JL Wrangler Products & Build [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    RR sent me an email saying that the BackBone date has been tentatively set as "late June", along with an email announcement. But don't hold your breath...
  18. Sirus-GPS Antenna connection?

    Is there a connection plug for the Sirus-GPS antenna somewhere near the roll bar or A-pillars? Or does the antenna harness wiring extend unspliced all the way to the UConnect unit?
  19. Defected tool kit

    My rachet broke off exactly the same way when I tried to take off my wiper arms. If you look carefully, the shaft seems to be made of 'powdered steel'. The very cheapest way to make a steel object.
  20. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Anyone have a 'connection' with Rhino Rack? Nearly two years ago, RR exhibited their new JL Back Bone+Pioneer Platform system. Month after month, RR has postponed the system. They even supposedly initiated an email announcement program to inform interested buyers when the BB would begin to be...