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  1. IBS > Clear/Reset

    One question that would be good to be answered here, When doing a full disconnect of 12v for upgrades/service work is it recommended to keep IBS connected or disconnect it? From the image you posted it seems like it might be recommended to leave IBS connected, but unsure. Excellent info...
  2. Shrockworks or Lod Signature

    The bolt to the bottom of the frame and on the side, but the the actual square tubing is an 1 to 1.5in above the bottom frame rail. It probably looks that way in the photo because the person is taking the photo standing up.
  3. LED tail light teardown - Anyone ever resealed one of these?

    yeah that is what I was thinking. In the USA I think most dealers would work with you on this, but I have no clue how warranty things go in the UK
  4. LED tail light teardown - Anyone ever resealed one of these?

    I wouldn't mess with it. 2hr trip to have it resolved with a proper replacement sounds better than spending hours figuring out how to do, buying materials and doing the work for something that will definitely void any warranty and might not fix the issue. I would imagine the dealer could work...
  5. Autostop Eliminator vs SmartStopStart -- not Tazer

    I have SmartStartStop and recommend them. One of the first things I installed. 100% happy and never had to worry about ESS. Once installed it is done and you'll forget your vehicle even has that feature.
  6. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    yes, it is a problem with YouTube too. I've seen so many people try to make How-To videos and then try to promote them. Sometimes they do things and recommend doing things that is very bad and even dangerous. But just like the "I have a buddy who can weld" mentality, people don't realize...
  7. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    this is exactly the problem. Growing up in the mountains of CO I would see multiple cars catch on fire over mountain passes every year. So many JKs have had overheating issues over the years visiting CO. If it was 70-80 degrees and he was climbing a pass where altitude (thin air) is higher...
  8. Aux Battery replacement the easy way... pull the fender flare

    On the diesels it looks a lot easier to replace the Aux battery. If you remove the main battery there is a little cover and boom, Aux battery access. I removed my fender looking for access to the firewall passthru and it is covered by the battery tray. Further exploration on looking to remove...
  9. Half Doors

    I believe it’s crazy expensive to buy all the parts for unpainted doors. And because of that people are hunting out 2nd hand units. Before I bought mine I priced out most of the parts and it was close to $5k and then I’d still have to pay for paint too. I found a set in my color for less than it...
  10. Adding fuel from jerry can to 2021 Jeep JL EcoDiesel

    check your jack area, there should be a funnel there. If you don't have that then you can get one of the VW ones. VW TDI adapter I have a diesel, use jerry cans. I even have wavian cans, but I use the old nozzles that don't have the fluid trap that you have to vent stop. The ones that come...
  11. 2021 JLUD Mild build

    That's hilarious.
  12. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Yes mine was an old design they had and they offered to send me a replacement of the correct design. Apparently their sheet metal supplier wasn't using the new CAD file and using the old one. I'd recommend calling them and see what they'll do for you. For me I had to delay the install and...
  13. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    On my prior jeep my ARB twin (2014/15 year unit) had some kind of mechanical relay or something which when it gets wet it can short out. I had to have ARB in Auburn replace parts on it. Do you know if they've updated that? I remember seeing it (lots of copper coils, but I'm not 100% sure what...
  14. Redarc, Fridge, AUX Battery, Monitor, Platform & More - In One Spot - JLUR

    Yes the circled area. I thought the redarc was 8awg. I couldn’t find the declared size in the manual and was going off Redarc tables, basically guessing. Thanks for your input. I would have PM’d you but you had those turned off.
  15. Redarc, Fridge, AUX Battery, Monitor, Platform & More - In One Spot - JLUR

    I understand you’d fuse at the vehicle battery. But I was wondering if you had a fuse where the 4awg wire connects to the smaller 8awg Redarc wire (the Red Redarc wire which is about 8in long). If there was a fuse at that joint, then there would be 2 fuses on the battery feed wire.
  16. Battery Disconnect for Winch?

    You can, but in the case of Warn winches they are not pulling current without a controller connected. If you ask their techs they will tell you "we just connect straight to the battery". I do not know about other brands. The only argument I see for something like this is for front end...
  17. Battery Disconnect for Winch?

    ☝ This. Most of these switches are not rated for high enough current (amps) that winches can sustain. My Warn winch can pull 410amps at max force which is unlikely to see, but still possible and most likely be continuous draw, not a surge. If you talk to Warn tech support they will advise you to...
  18. Redarc, Fridge, AUX Battery, Monitor, Platform & More - In One Spot - JLUR

    Did you just connect the 4ga battery feed wire straight to the 8ga RedArc 8ga wires or did you put a fuse for that massive cable size change?
  19. Installed Shrockworks Rock Sliders on my JLURD

    They're typically shipped freight, so it is expensive but arrives undamaged. Best bet is to call Shrock and talk with them to see if there are other options to save money. They are a very good company to work with.
  20. Half Doors

    On a 4door they fill the back w/ the seats folded down. It is quite surprising how much room they take up. I'm pretty sure the reason you can't order a dual top and halfdoors together is purely down to how much each of those packages takes up in the back.