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  1. JLUR Snow Tire Question

    Hi all, Just to follow up on this, I ended up going with an 18 inch Sahara wheel and the General Grabber Arctic LT snow tire in a 275/70R18. Here is what it looks like for anyone interested.
  2. JLUR Snow Tire Question

    Thank you all for the replies so far! My biggest concern in general is whether a 32 inch tire will look out of place on a JLUR. Whether I decide to go studless or studded on the snow tires, the narrower size I’d be seeking will likely come in about an inch smaller in diameter than the stock...
  3. JLUR Snow Tire Question

    Hey Everyone, I have a 2018 JLUR, I am an avid snow skier and am looking for some input on a snow tire question that I have. I know the stock BFG KO2 is a solid snow tire, but I would prefer to get a dedicated, studded winter tire to get up through ice to Timberline Lodge regularly in winter...
  4. Question on Snow Tire Size

    Hey Everyone, I have a 2018 JLUR. I am an avid snow skier and am trying to decide the best option for snow tires on the Rubicon. I know that the BFG KO2’s are decent snow tires, but I want a dedicated, studded winter tire for getting up to Timberline Lodge consistently throughout the winter. I...