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  1. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    How are you guys going into M8? When I flip to manual it goes into M7 and then doesn't let me go any higher.
  2. Confused about 4XE acceleration times - question for owners

    Where did you see 6.2 for a Willys? The lowest I saw was 6.7 and Motortrend in their tests estimated 7.5. And yes the 4xe computer does allow you to have all the power at certain times. I think people don't realize that even a standard gas engine doesn't produce max power and torque all the...
  3. Braking Behavior

    I do sometimes have to press the brake more to get the wheel brakes to engage but I got used to it pretty quickly. The annoying thing to me is in the rain when the regen will cause the back wheels to slip before the disc brakes engage.
  4. Today is 4XE Lift / Wheel / Tire day!!!

    Even in e-save you'll still have power from the electric motors. It just balances out against your regen so you don't have a net loss of battery power as time goes by.
  5. Areas of improvement

    On the non-4xe's, as you get low on gas you'll still see an estimated range down to 10 miles before the screen just says "low range". On the 4xe once you get down to 30 miles it then only says "low range". Even though it's obviously just an estimate, I'd still feel much better knowing whether...
  6. 4xe Check Engine Light Led to Full EV Battery Replacement

    I'm happy I haven't had any issues with mine either but man, that would tempt me to the 392 side. Sorry to hear.
  7. What can you plug in to run in case of power outage?

    I can't watch either right now but it looks like I may stand corrected. The manual said something like 150W for the rear plug so that's what I was going by.
  8. What can you plug in to run in case of power outage?

    Unfortunately no. There's the same 110v AC plug in the back as on the non-4xe, but it's only rated for about 150 watts if I recall, and is tapped into the 12v battery, not the main hybrid battery.
  9. Dumb Question, "idling" in electric mode.

    I'd bet there's still a conventional heater core for when the engine's running. It's easy to have and much more efficient. Basically just a tiny radiator looped into the engine coolant lines.
  10. Dumb Question, "idling" in electric mode.

    There's a video where someone shows the location of the electric resistive heater module, so it does appear to have one.
  11. Way to force Engine on for start up

    E-save doesn't mean no battery usage. It'll still run on just electric at low speeds and combined at times. It's just that it won't actively deplete the battery like in hybrid mode. So it behaves more like a regular hybrid, using some battery and also replenishing some so that your net...
  12. Way to force Engine on for start up

    As much as I like my 4xe, I think it’s the last car of any I’ve owned for which I’d be trying to change the exhaust out on.
  13. Got a 392, ask away.

    I saw some comments earlier in the thread about the paddle shifting. Am I correct in understanding it's a standard auto transmission and the paddles are more for the fun of telling the transmission which gear? I'm assuming the fastest acceleration will be by letting the trans do its thing...
  14. Confirmed: 4xe Rubicon (and prob Sahara too) sit approx 1" higher from factory

    Nothing to apologize for. Being unable to chat in person makes things sound harsher in text.
  15. Confirmed: 4xe Rubicon (and prob Sahara too) sit approx 1" higher from factory

    Making a 3rd thread about this makes it more difficult for people to find information and keep things organized in the forum. I made a thread about this in April, in which I measured my 2021 JLUR 4xe against a 2021 JLUR non-4xe, all other options being equal. You then made another thread...
  16. Loose steering on the 4xe

    My 4xe is a noticeable difference to my 2018, both 4 door Rubicon’s. My 2018 was also one of the last 18’s off the line and had the 2019 steering components so I actually wasn’t expecting such a noticeable improvement on the 4xe.
  17. Can the math work out to justify a 4xe?

    I also thought the Sahara may qualify but MA lists each qualifying vehicle and none of the 4xe's are listed.
  18. 4xE Order Status??

    DIdn't you order back in the beginning with us? Are you the record holder for wait time?
  19. Are you all using Premium gas ?

    My comment wasn't directed towards the OP, it was directed at the 3.6 owners dropping in. As the others said, it doesn't become a ballast. The zero percent applies to electric only range. The battery always keeps at least 15% charge even when it indicates zero and functions as a hybrid. When...
  20. Started drive yesterday with 30 mile e range?

    Are you guys saying the gauge "shows" 26-30 miles on the Rubicon, or are you saying people are actually driving 26-30 miles?