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  1. Gorilla Glass is now $495

    You think the Jeep website shows accurate pricing? :LOL: Their hopelessly outdated web configuration tool is only outmatched by their system to check your build status.
  2. Advanced Safety Group order wait time?

    How much did they offer you under invoice? Also, the time frames are all over the place…nobody knows.
  3. I went for a hike

    We don't know exactly what will happen until we have vehicles that were built after this price hike show up on their lot. The orders being delivered now likely had their invoices/window stickers generated before the hike, so it's moot. According to other info Tom has posted, it comes down to...
  4. Gorilla Glass is now $495

    To both parts of your question: yes.
  5. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    That’s because your vehicle’s invoice/MSRP was generated when it was built/shipped, so it wouldn’t be affected by this recent price hike either way. Lucky timing!
  6. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Ugh, bummer, especially since that sends your (new) order to the back of the line and you'll still be paying the higher pricing. It's a lose-lose situation with this.
  7. Gorilla Glass is now $495

    Hey, I like that Gorilla head emblem in the corner of my windshield! Worth the pennies on my monthly lease payment for that alone. Not at $495 though :CWL:
  8. I went for a hike

    I tend to believe them here - Stellantis has proven itself to be colossally disorganized and shady in their own practices (I mean, the whole online configurator and order status nonsense is the tip of the iceberg). But I'm more curious about why this hasn't happened to other big dealers - or...
  9. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    That's a totally different manufacturer...
  10. I went for a hike

    There are plenty of dealers who are offering price protection on orders well below invoice. The odd one out here seems to be Chapman, who hasn't really given a clear reason why Stellantis has somehow singled them out when it comes to not matching the invoice price from original POCs. I find...
  11. Ordered a '22 Rubicon, want to add SKY one-touch...what to do? They probably won't be changed on Jeep's site for awhile, since they seem to be lazy about that sort of thing. The biggest shock is a base MSRP increase of $1565...
  12. Ordered a '22 Rubicon, want to add SKY one-touch...what to do?

    If it were me, I'd probably stick with the hardtop and learn to love it. Also, not sure if your prior order is sold order protected, but apparently prices across the board got a HUGE bump today. So a new order would potentially cost you $2k+ more, plus losing the $1k deposit.
  13. Ordered a '22 Rubicon, want to add SKY one-touch...what to do?

    You could also order one from a dealer that doesn't charge a deposit, and then flip the first one when it arrives. Riskier, but at least you don't lose the $1k deposit which sounds like a big waste to me.
  14. Ordered a '22 Rubicon, want to add SKY one-touch...what to do?

    There's only one source with the definite answer to this: your dealer. Can't hurt to ask.
  15. 4xe compared to...6 Cylinder

    Nice! And unlike the hardtop, when you're tired of having it open, all it takes is one button and <10 seconds before you're back to being covered. No need to store bulky pieces somewhere or worry about attaching the pieces properly to prevent a leak. And with the body-colored side trim, it looks...
  16. 4xe compared to...6 Cylinder

    I would definitely advocate for the Sky One-Touch roof. You’ll get SO much more use out of it than a hard top, and the cost difference is negligible to your dual-top build.
  17. 4xe real mpg, tank range?

    Why do you use e-save? The hybrid mode is designed to optimize for all driving situations. From what I can tell, e-save is mostly detrimental to overall consumption.
  18. '22 4XE Check In

    This Gorilla Glass theory has been disproven so many times already. The only thing that has been proven is that no one here has been able to identify any single part that is consistently responsible for delays. Production timelines are a crapshoot. Side note: why wouldn't anyone get GG? It's so...
  19. FCA Affiliate Program Reactivated

    Apparently it isn't BS - and frankly, they're taking a risk of not being reimbursed with even giving .5% off under invoice, since dealers may get charged back for offering the affiliate discount for prices well below invoice. They're probably eating the cost to keep the deal.