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  1. Dana 30 - Cross pin loose within carrier housing

    While watching this YouTube video of a 1-year review of a Dana 30 Torq-Locker, I noticed at timestamp 9:53 the cross-pin excessive looseness in the carrier housing as he is rotating the carrier. Isn't the cross-pin machined to tighter tolerances within the carrier than this?
  2. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    I took mine to the dealership and "I" told them the 8.4 screen is delaminated and wanted it replace under my Mopar Care warranty. Service advisor acknowledged my request after looking up my policy and told me I would have to pay $100 deductible. HINT: tell the service advisor what the issue...
  3. GMRS antenna mounting

    The excess antenna wire, where are you stashing it?
  4. GMRS antenna mounting

    Glad it worked out. Still have not decided where my antenna is going. I'm more worried on where to place all the extra antenna excess cable.
  5. GMRS antenna mounting

    @Silent Panda, you are very brave in drilling into that aluminum hood. Kudos. How is the signal?
  6. Adventure Rack Systems (ARS) by MetalCloak

    Interesting product. Watched the animation on the "steel pier plate" , very innovated and looks very strong.
  7. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Pic's - Rubicon 4.88

    Temperature of parts stabilized, forgot about that one. Good reminder @chevymitchell
  8. Can you guess what's wrong with this Jeep?

    Built on 31 Dec 2021 night shift. Like mention no charge port
  9. Dana 30 Jeep JL M186

    Workky, go to agree with the above statement the the location of the FAD is the weakest point on the front axles tube on all JLs. Seen and read about many fellow JL owners breaking them there.
  10. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Pic's - Rubicon 4.88

    "Zero" marking on old and new, setup with same shim and run pattern. Since the Dana 30 is not the newer Advantek series, the shim is in the correct location. My understanding the newer Advantek sandwich the shim between race and case. Keep us posted on your progress. What gear set did you go...
  11. Extended warranty worth it?

    Yes, but you have to shop around to get the best price for Mopar Care. I used mine today, paid my $100 ded on a new 8.4 radio. Old one de-laminated after 3/36.
  12. New Wrangler colors to replace Tescadero & Snazzberry?

    I would like to see Tuscadero continue.
  13. Lessons learned from 8-month old '21 JLR 2.0L catching fire (fire extinguisher, buy-back, insurance)

    Glad that you came out of this OK. It's a shame that "Buy Back" takes so long, but damn they will sell it to you quickly. Good luck and have fun on the new Jeep.
  14. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    Just had my 8.4 replaced due to "delamination" . Now waiting for Uconnect and SirrusXM to catchup with the change. 2018 JLUS.
  15. Transmission / Transfer Case Failure and Fire

    I hope you get this issue resolved. FCA has access to read the ECU History at time of failure. This would be helpful in getting your vehicle back repaired on their dime.
  16. Virginia WTB, Rubicon Dana 44's Front and Rear

    Let me know when they are available.
  17. 2022 JLUS 4XE Tuscadero Not Available to order

    Darn, I'll show her the Snazzyberry color. Interesting that you can still build it on the website.
  18. 2022 JLUS 4XE Tuscadero Not Available to order

    Tried to order a 2022 JLUS 4XE in Tuscadero just now and dealership said not available. Are they right or wrong?
  19. ECRI Wireless Vehicle Calibration - $129.85

    Interesting, waiting to see if the add more options like JSCAN.
  20. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    Jeep used to have a "Crate Engine Cummins" engine. That needs to be installed. Game over.