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  1. Used Car Price Bubble - Jeep Impacts

    I went and pulled numbers from for a 2020 JLU Rubicon Today 52,400 1 mo ago 53,200 6 mo ago 52,900 1 yr ago 46,400 Projected 1 mo 51,500 Looks like prices may have leveled out and are going to depreciate from this level. I'm not says a reversion back to...
  2. What's the difference between these two bumpers? (Besides $150)

    My guess is they are identical from the same Chinese manufacturer with different brand labels.
  3. I went for a hike

    Read the Price Guide sticky at the top of the Pricing page
  4. Gorilla Glass is now $495

    Big jump in price. Supply issues? Not living up to expectations, too many warranty claims?
  5. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Curious. Is your price based on when the window sticker came out or todays price?
  6. About to pull the trigger on a 392 order: any last words of advice before I do?

    I wouldn't pay $495 for Gorilla Glass based on the reviews it has received.
  7. Used Car Price Bubble - Jeep Impacts

    I threw the GG on because it was only 195. From the reviews its getting it is surely is not worth 495.
  8. Used Car Price Bubble - Jeep Impacts

    The pricing guide pdf for January shows $400 less than December's guide and the Jeep website number. Where do you numbers show different?
  9. What’s your other car??

    What did the gt350r make at the wheels?
  10. 392 Rubicon Unlimited in Tacoma Wa.

    I don't see anyone on this forum jumping to buy at that price.
  11. 392 vs XR 392 suspension

    The lift for both is the same (except shocks). This is directly from Scott Blum.
  12. MOPAR Leather Dash Kit

    I’m also interested. I did see where someone bought the kit with white stitching and colored it in with a matching sharpie.
  13. What’s your other car??

    I love the whine of those straight cut gears!!
  14. 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 first Vin and order, build and delivery tracking list

    I think they put the date in they registered on crypto, instead of the build date.
  15. Thor Has Landed! (392 XR in white)

    Looks perfect. Pics like this makes me wish I would have bought an XR and been done with it. Instead I'm sending myself down a mod rabbit hole by buying a base.
  16. Xpel stealth matte ppf on granite crystal

    I was thinking of putting matte on just my grill.
  17. Thor Has Landed! (392 XR in white)

    Congrats. I'm still a couple months out on my 392 wait. The 1941 stripe looks very sharp. The steering wheel straightening is an easy fix. adjusting-jl-drag-link-to-straighten-steering-wheel.11473