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  1. Goose: My Adventure Rig

    Do you ever wake up with moisture inside the vehicle and on your electronics, I.e. screen and controls, from moisture happening outside the vehicle?
  2. Finally fixed my death wobble!!

    A few hundred bucks....the dynatrac ball joint kit is almost $600. You really did go to town on that front end.
  3. California No Drilling Required - Roof Rack Expedition One Mule

    On a scale of 1-10, how much of a burden would it be to put on and take off each time you use it? It seems like a great option in comparison to a rhino rack but I don't think I would want to have that huge thing on 24/7
  4. Vehicle will shut off soon????

    Its amusing how relevant these battery issues are and how many people are struggling with them. I currently have an appointment later next week (for my early 2018 JL) to have the dealer check both my main battery, aux battery, and the harness / relay / connection / whatever the hell it is that...
  5. Recent Communications with American Adventure Lab?

    Thanks for the insight, of all the the calls I've made I neglected to email them, thinking that calling would be more effective and just easier.
  6. Recent Communications with American Adventure Lab?

    Hey everyone, I was not sure where else to post this discussion so I thought here would be the best place. Exactly one year ago on October 20, 2020, I placed an order with AAL for their Jeep JL high-line Fender Daytime Running Light kit as well as a pair of their Bulb-Out Harnesses for those...
  7. South Carolina Wrangler 392 Rims / Tires and Sensors

    Would you be willing to separate the wheels and tires? Im not a huge fan of the wild peak's.
  8. New Jersey JL Wrangler Unlimited Hard Top - Granite Crystal $1,600

    Interested, but quick question, what is the roof currently sitting on? It looks like its sitting directly on the ground/rocks/pavement. Also has it been sitting outside? It looks like the whole underside is wet.
  9. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    To be honest I can't imagine the mental state that you must be in, this is so frustrating. It is also very concerning that probably every day there is now a post on this forum with a 2020-21 model year purchaser have numerous factory issues. I just don't have any words for the quality control...
  10. Massachusetts Genright Tire Carrier

    I know I know. Sand blasting + powder coating + multi-state drive up there. Things to consider
  11. Massachusetts Genright Tire Carrier

    This is tempting, I wish it wasn't already painted.
  12. Worked on the 392 diet, gave her some air and made him a little taller this weekend

    What mpg's are you seeing with the 392? Not sure what type of driver you are or if you have been daily driving it, but there has yet to be a forum member to give an honest answer to what type of mileage new 392 owners are seeing.
  13. I laughed at all the 392 buyers! 😥 what a dummy.

    Not sure where you looking? On autotrader 90% are in the 68k-85k range. Granted that data could be off but I have yet to see one over 100k.
  14. I laughed at all the 392 buyers! 😥 what a dummy.

    Im interested to see more posts about fuel economy and daily driving the 392. If the reviews continue to track in the positive direction with mpg's above 15 or 16 and no major issues reported, then I would justify buying it one day. Who am I kidding, its all a dream at this point while im still...
  15. Worked on the 392 diet, gave her some air and made him a little taller this weekend

    Is it me or do your wheels look weirdly small in those 37's? I know its a 17in wheel but in the first pic it looks like a 15in. It may just be the angle of the picture.
  16. Texas Shara Color Fenders (Punk’n) with AAL chop bracket

    Thats a hell of a deal
  17. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    For those of you who have already put 35's and 37's on, how has the drivability and mpg's been effected? I think the mpg and acceleration question is on everyones mind.

    You didn't mention, but would you be willing to separate the wheels? Or are you trying to keep them as a package?
  19. Willys or Rubicon Wheels on Sport

    Pics are from my jeep before I bought it. The previous owner added rubicon take offs (wheels and BFG ko2's) They fit fine with no rubbing at all, last picture is after I added rubicon take off suspension and Sahara fenders. You can get away with doing nothing else but adding the take off tires...

    additionally it looks like your hood is different as well.