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  1. Goose: My Adventure Rig

    this was a good post, thanks! great pics and looks like a fun adventure!
  2. Antenna Toppers Anyone??

    i put one on my antenna and it flopped and swayed like crazy at highway speeds. took it off.
  3. What would you blow 300 dollars on?

    gasoline for an epic road trip...
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Washed it, waxed it, put the top down and went looking at Christmas lights!
  5. What option do you regret not getting? By popularity!

    I ordered everything except the smoker's group, so I regret nothing.
  6. Hard top wind noise

    How much does it take/did you use?
  7. Hard top wind noise

    Does it go under the carpet? This stuff looks like a really good idea.
  8. Hard top wind noise

    I get more noise coming from the rear wheel wells than the top...
  9. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    I left mine on because it's hard to tell how close that curb or parking lot stop are and that front air dam is LOW. Have already saved a scrape or two or three.
  10. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    four doors and fast...
  11. JL for a roadtrip??

    Haven't made an extended trip in the JL, but took our JK from Houston to Vegas with one dog on the way there and two dogs on the way back. (we picked up a Weimaraner while we were there) Made our way back by way of the Grand Canyon and other parts of Arizona. I think the Wrangler Unlimiteds...
  12. Did everyone receive two keys?

    two keys and one of the papers I signed at purchase was acknowledging the fact that I received two keys.
  13. Names for a blue JLU

    Indigo. Indy for short.
  14. Little things you discovered on your JL

    no, it doesn't. wish it would though.
  15. Stock Wrangler?

    I added the OEM molle bags behind the seats and a couple of stickers... Done!
  16. Nitrogen in Tires. Worth it?

    My tire pressure hasn't fluctuated in the year I've had mine.
  17. uConnect/iPhone music issue

    Yea, safety thing I think. Even on Spotify you can't scroll through long playlists while moving. It'll only show you the next page or so.
  18. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    washed it and drove it to work... shiniest red JL in the parking garage!
  19. Premium Soft Top Wear

    Yep, looks like a pinch. Always watch for the cloth getting caught in the frame.
  20. Tell me about the tops & leaking

    Soft top, no leaks. Have always had water come in at A pillar on all my Jeeps after a car wash or a rain when opening the door. One of the reasons I always have a couple of towels in the Jeep. That and wet dogs. Guessing someone had probably opened the passenger side before you.