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  1. POLL: (3.6L Muffler Delete) to drone or not to drone...that is the question

    I have the DynoMax muffler delete on my 2021 JLUR 3.6 eTorque that I have been running for a few weeks and love it. There are lots of pros; easy install, cleans up the rear end, adds clearance, saves weight, more aggressive sound etc. It was louder in the cabin but I was planning on cargo area...
  2. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    Interesting! Following to see how this goes once it gets into the wild.
  3. Michigan Exposed Racks hardtop roof rack JL/JT

    I don't have the shipping boxes, but I guess I could go to UPS and get an estimate. What's your zip?
  4. Michigan Exposed Racks hardtop roof rack JL/JT

    Selling my Exposed Racks hardtop roof rack solid bars in black Part numbers are as follows for more information: Quadratec Part #: 12156.1023 Exposed Racks Part #: 8-00-9657-BK I am also including the Exposed Racks screw in support footers that you see in the attached images. Note these are...
  5. Michigan JLUR Suspension take offs w/Mopar front LCAs

    2021 JLUR V6 eTorque Hardtop Plastic bumpers Parts pulled at 1500 miles Offering up: Stock Rubicon front and rear springs Stock Rubicon front and rear shocks Mopar 2" lift kit front lower control arms I am in southeast Michigan looking for local pick up sale. Asking $250 $200
  6. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    Totally agree. I think the OP said it’s a 2019 Sahara with 11k miles. Retail price on that is probably around $40k. If the insurance companies usually repair up to 75% of retail value the OP has a $30k repair budget and this is not a loss.
  7. Metal Cloak Geometry Brackets - my experience

    Thanks! I ordered a set of Rusty’s brake lines a few weeks ago but am still waiting for them to ship. They are the last piece I need before installing my front Metalcloak arms.
  8. Metal Cloak Geometry Brackets - my experience

    Very nice! I’m working up to a Metalcloak lift and am debating on just adding these to the kit. What front brake lines are you running, they look aftermarket?
  9. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    Someone needs to start a poll on this thread so we can vote on repair or loss. OP please keep us updated and again best of luck.
  10. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    Well best of luck. It’s purely a numbers game for insurance and the used car market is nuts right now. Generally speaking, find an equivalent 2019 Sahara on a dealer lot near you and take 75% of that value. If your damages are more than that it’s a loss, anything less and it’s a repair.
  11. ThinSkinz® Shieldz for your Jeep JL Doorz

    I’ve had these for about a month and honestly it’s one of the best things I’ve bought for my Jeep. I have an active dog and she’s usually in my Jeep with me with her head out one of the back windows. These fit great, stay on and take all the paw prints and scratches from my dog. Highly recommended!
  12. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    I’ve spent too much time reading this soap opera of a thread to not know how it ends. Anyone else expecting a plot twist where the insurance company fixes it!?
  13. How do I get the front axle LCA bolts out?

    I just did this last weekend. I used a few shots of PB blaster at night and my Milwaukee M18 mid-impact the next morning. I would not say the bolts came right off, but I got them off. I’ve only got 2000 miles on my Jeep so that probably helps too. For re-torque I’m assuming the alignment shop...
  14. To sell or not to sell?

    Yes! I did earlier this year when I had the same situation. Dealership kept offering to buy my 2018 JLU Sahara and I finally caved when the offer was right AND they had a 2021 JLUR coming in that was two options off on my ideal spec. My Sahara had some of the typical early build issues and...
  15. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    So my cobbled together lift is on which consists of 1.0” front and 0.5” rear Teraflex coil spacers with their ST1 bump stops. Running stock Rubicon upgrade wheels on BFG 315/70R17 K02 load range C tires. From stock I gained about +2 1/8” at the front, +1 5/8” at front door sill step in and +1...
  16. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Yes, spacers or wheels. Personally spacers would be too far out (1.75”) so it will be wheels. On my JLUS I ran 295s with 0mm offset wheels and it was just a little too much so I’m considering something like the AEV wheels at +25mm offset.
  17. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Plastic bumpers and stock spare tire carrier. They would not install the spare because it partially blocked the CHMSL and contacted part of the mount. When I got home I spent 10 minutes raising the CHMSL (used just one set of the mounting screws) and put the spare on. Near term I'll get a...
  18. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    @Steve JLUR haha...don't worry, only one is a Wrangler :) @HellaRubi The pictures don't do justice to the size difference of the 315s vs stock tires. I did get some pushback from the shop on needing a test fit, how I will get double charged on the test fit tire, that it is not recommended and...