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  1. Making a list of CUSTOMER STATES 4xe issues for the dealer - do you have a list?

    You know it's only rated at 21, so even with the reduction, you're doing well. Really cold weather will reduce your range and run the engine more.
  2. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    I ordered 10/26 as well. 4XE HA. Was given a "ship date" of 1/19. The build sheet showed up early on the 20th. Window sticker late on the 20th.
  3. Leasing Help Please

    The other big thing to be aware of is that not all banks have the same policies. Some allow you to trade in/sell the lease at any point if you want, some will but charge the dealer buying market rate instead of your buy out, some allow you to transfer the lease to someone else, etc. Sometimes...
  4. Melted 4xe charging port

    A few similar cases, all using the Mustart EVSE:
  5. Melted 4xe charging port

    There are quite a few people that have posted in the various 4xe groups about melted charge ports, charging system failure, etc and they all seem to be using mustart evses. There are also a lot of people that use them without issue. Probably one of those cases where as long as everything works...
  6. Melted 4xe charging port

    Par for the course with these generally
  7. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    Ordered HA 4xe w/ SOT, adv safety, cold weather, front camera 10/26 Build sheet 1/20
  8. Beware of Mustart brand EVSE and other cheap brands... counterfeit certifications and missing protection circuitry

    There was a discussion that popped up today on the 4xe FB group regarding someone that was having an arc flash issue going on with his Jeep while charging. A very unsafe situation if legit. He had the same unheard of issue come up on a second 4xe that seemed to persist. Turns out he is using a...
  9. Melted 4xe charging port

    Wanted to bump this back up after a discussion in one of the facebook groups and coming across this thread. Most/all of these melting charging port issues seem to be the result of using the Mustart brand EVSE off of Amazon. This is a problem that is not unique to the 4xe. Has happened to lots...
  10. Leasing Help Please

    I doubt you'd have a dealer agree to such a thing because the lease terms are completely out of their control. There are some dealers that won't even quote an estimate lease price on an order specifically because of the potential for things to change and not wanting to get into that debate...
  11. Leasing Help Please

    There really aren't that many knobs that the dealer can turn unique to leasing. They can mark up the money factor, but the residual value is set by the bank and the only fee unique to leasing is the acquisition fee, which they can't mark up. If they agree to not marking up the MF, that pretty...
  12. Leasing Help Please

    They don't have a choice in the matter, at least through CCAP. There is not sold order protection available on standard mf/rv (there is for incentivized rates, but there aren't any currently). They can generate an estimate given the current programs, but ultimately, the lease payment will be...
  13. Leasing Help Please

    Those numbers are a bit funky. They don't add up right for CCAP, so they may be through a 3rd party bank or "Cash down" in this case is the down payment amount and not the due at sale.
  14. Leasing Help Please

    They're all numbers that they should be able to give you (at least what they used to estimate, as the lease programs ultimately are based on when you take delivery, not when you order)... a different approach would be to work out roughly what the numbers should be and compare. Do you know what...
  15. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (JLU) 4-Door Order Guide [Updated Monthly]

    Chapman can't refund deposits because they didn't take any in the first place.
  16. Leasing Help Please

    You'll want to determine which bank they're using, what the msrp is, what they're using for a mf, and ideally a breakdown of fees. You'll also find that if you're open to it, a lease on a 4xe rubicon will be significantly cheaper.
  17. Leasing Help Please is the place to go to learn the finer points of leasing. Essentially though, you'll want to get the dealer to agree to whatever your sales price is and that they won't mark up the mf on the lease. They can't guarantee lease programs, so it isn't surprising they won't quote...
  18. heated seats: update in post #8

    It's a bladder for determining if there's a passenger sitting in the seat.
  19. I went for a hike

    No deposit at all
  20. I went for a hike

    Because we don't want to leave thousands of dollars on the table.