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  1. Colours in Canada

    Not sure if it is yours or not but Cassens shows a delivery of a 2 Dr Rubicon delivered today at 3:16 pm
  2. Colours in Canada

    Rubicon, Sport or Sahara, which did you order? I will keep an eye out for you as I drive around
  3. Colours in Canada

    Yes we were quite surprised, how early it arrived. We were told at the time of order (27 Feb) that it could take up till the end of May. I asked them for the VIN which they gave me and then entered it into the tracking forum on this site. Got the window sticker and build sheet on the same day...
  4. Updates: Diesel, JT, Bikini

    All I did was put in the name of the dealership I was dealing with. If you go to the site you should see a button that says Dealer Display; Click on it Then enter the name of the dealership you are dealing with. It will then give you the dealer number and you can use that in the future to...
  5. Updates: Diesel, JT, Bikini

    Yes we were surprised how quickly it arrived, we were first told it could be end of May. I tracked the VIN with the track the build forum here. In my research as well I found out that FCA uses Cassens Transportation to move their vehicles so I could through Cassens website track the location of...
  6. Updates: Diesel, JT, Bikini

    Looks great, we picked up ours today as well
  7. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Looks great, we picked up ours today as well
  8. Colours in Canada

    Picked this up today from our local car dealership here in Kingston, On
  9. Updates: Diesel, JT, Bikini

    I went with Kingston Dodge, had a great sales rep.
  10. Updates: Diesel, JT, Bikini

    I would say based on the limited production, you will likely be the first in New England to be driving around in the new colour!
  11. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    We were afraid that it was going to come with the red dash and our dealer couldn’t confirm if it came with a different coloured dash. We ended up ordering the Sahara Unlimited in the same colour to avoid the red dash
  12. Updates: Diesel, JT, Bikini

    So ordered on the 27 Feb 19, Jeep had a VIN assigned to it on 08 Mar 19; Received VIN from Dealer on 11 Mar 19; Registered VIN on the tracking forum on 11 Mar and received notice of Build Sheet and 2 hours later received notice & link to Window Sticker Jeep shipped overnight on the 12 Mar to...
  13. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Thank you for the information. now it is just like being a kid and waiting for Christmas Day
  14. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Hoping the group might be able to help me out to determine if my new wrangler has been completed. Ordered on 27 Feb 2019 Cryptostickers shows that the Build & Sticker were updated on 11 Mar 2019 When I look it up on track new orders and completed orders it shows it being complete. Does this mean...
  15. 2019 Orders in Canada

    Thanks for the information, I am trying not to drive the dealership crazy by asking what is going on. Once I get the jeep i will post some pictures of it as there does not appear to be too many around of the jeep and the new colour.
  16. 2019 Orders in Canada

    Hello all, I am new to the forums and have a question for the group. We ordered a Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited (Bikini Pearl) and I was told by my dealer salesman that our order has been given a VIN as of today. Does this mean that it has started the build phase or is just in the queuing part...
  17. Updates: Diesel, JT, Bikini

    We ordered a Bikini Pearl Sahara Unlimited on the 27 Feb. We were originally going to go with the Mojito Green one but when we saw the colour of the Pearl we know we had to have something different. There are 8 Mojito ones floating around the city. Our dealer told us since it was an option to...
  18. Colours in Canada

    We ordered a Bikini Pearl one on the 27 Feb 19. No word from the dealer yet when it will be ready.