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  1. Should I buy a '18 JLUR or not? Concerned about reported steering issues..

    I have a new JLUS. I waited a long time to get it because of the problems with the 2.0L engine. I was probably one of he last people to get a model year 2018 Wrangler. The steering is positively horrible at highway speeds. The dealers tell me that nobody is having steering problems. The...
  2. Any way to disable auto park?

    I'm happy for the auto transmission and most especially for the full time 4wd. However the auto park is driving me crazy. I do not want to get in, close the door and buckle up in order to move my JLU four feet in order to get it out of the sun.
  3. Turn off halos when parked?

    That would be perfect. How will I know when that feature is available on Tazer?
  4. Turn off halos when parked?

    I like driving my Jeep around on my farm at night, sometimes, under the starlight. Especially true in winter snow and moonlight. I am finding it impossible to turn off all the forward facing lights. I think it is the halo that stays on. I wonder if there is a way to rewire the halo lights...
  5. 2.0L turbo Jeep Wrangler JL Delivered Today

    Received my JLUS on 8/3 in Ravenna, Ohio, all in one piece, clean, and running well. I now have almost 50 miles on it.
  6. Any 2.0L Jeep Wrangler JL in sight for delivery?

    I just got an email from "ALLNEWWRANGLER" saying that my 2.0L JLU has been released from the factory and the shipping process has begun. Today is Friday 7-27-18. I'm happy. I had to tell somebody.
  7. Jeep JL fire issue from 2.0L Turbo 4 fixed with cloth heat shield over battery

    If they really did "just solved the issue" then why aren't they shipping these jeeps to the dealers? I waited for my first VIN for months while it was stuck in status JS. They cloned that order, gave me a new VIN, and now I am right back where I started: stuck in JS. What a crock!
  8. Per a Jeep dealership the JL is not water tight/expect it to fill with water during water crossings!

    I discovered that if you read the sales brochure you will know more about a Jeep JL than the salesman knows. There seems to be no standards at all for what it takes to be a car salesman nowadays, not just at Jeep, but everywhere. If you are capable of reading and learning anything you will be...
  9. “Faulty Wiring Harness” caused 2.0L fire

    I received the same news. My order was "cloned" and a new VIN assigned. My compliments to the person at Jeep that crafted the letter. What a BS artist! The letter said that my Jeep was in one status too long and that is why they are cancelling that order and creating another. The message is...
  10. “Faulty Wiring Harness” caused 2.0L fire

    My 2, My 2018 2.0L JLU Sahara is having the same outcome. I got a well written letter from Jeep saying that my order has been "Cloned" and that the new Jeep will have a different sr# than the one that was sitting in JS for the last month. The purest line of BS is that they said this...
  11. When is the 2.0 Turbo REALLY Coming Out?

    There is something else in this equation that is not being explained or considered. I ordered my 2L JLU on April 5th. It has been built for several weeks, but is still at status JS (shipped to storage). There is no explanation for it. It was rumored that the 2L engine was awaiting something...
  12. Help With Order Status Codes

    My status is JS. It has been there for a week. The estimated ship date is two weeks from now. Why would that happen? I live two hours from the Jeep factory in Toledo. Why the long delay between "shipped to storage" and shipped to the dealer? What are the reasons why a built unit would be...