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  1. Did I get a lemon or ??

    I understand the frustration. I had a number of issues in my first 3K miles with my Jeep in the shop for over 3 weeks. I had to have my vacuum hoses replaced in the first 2k miles. I also had several electrical issues (e.g. start/stop, svc 4wd, etc). These were ultimately diagnosed as a...
  2. “Service Stop/Start System”

    I had a number of issues, that they tried to address. After replacing the vacuum hoses I was still getting the start/stop warning, check engine light & high idling. The first fix was supposed to be a software update for this, however the problem persisted. They finally found two loose...
  3. 2.0 L Turbo mechanical issues

    I had similar issues that you describe with my 2019 JL 2.0. They diagnosed it as failed vacuum hoses. They replaced those, but the problems continued although they were intermittent. I would go 20 miles without any issue and then somewhere between 20-50 miles the problems would return. They...
  4. Multiple Issues with New 2019 JL Sport S 4CYL

    Update... After another week of testing, they found that two of the ground bolts were loose. About 150 Miles in and so far it seems to have resolved the electrical issues for now.
  5. Multiple Issues with New 2019 JL Sport S 4CYL

    It's not just the start stop, that's one of the recurring issues that keeps coming up (e.g. rough shifting, etc.) They did a software update over the weekend for high idling codes, but problems resurfaced over the weekend as the technician drove it a longer distance. They're going to try to...
  6. Multiple Issues with New 2019 JL Sport S 4CYL

    Update... So after a week, vacuum pump and hoses replaced. I picked it up today. I made it roughly 20 miles and the check engine light is back on. I'm also getting the auto start/stop warning again as well. Back to the shop tomorrow. Is this unique to the 2.0L or do the 3.6L suffer the...
  7. Auto Start/Stop and Electronic Throttle Response Error

    I had a very similar issue. I've been told that it's bad vacuum hoses. I'm waiting for the parts to come in.

    I was told the same thing for similar issues. I"m waiting for my parts to come in, but hoping the new vacuum hoses fix the issue. Glad to hear that it solved your problems
  9. Multiple Issues with New 2019 JL Sport S 4CYL

    I purchased a 2019 JL Unlimited Wrangler Sport S 4 CYL 3 weeks ago on 3/31 . In the first three weeks I've had a series of intermittent issues with the Vehicle that started and progressed over the first 10 days. Displayed warnings related to check engine light 1) Service Start/Stop Warning...