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  1. Oracle Back Up LEDs killed my Reverse Lights

    Having similar issue, but in my scenario I am using Oracle's LED tail lights instead of OEM, so no bulb to go back to. Sent a PM. Hopefully this can be resolved.
  2. Colorado Rear Steel Bumper - $100

    Sent PM
  3. Ohio Sold: WTB OEM Rear bumper from Sahara or Rubi

    I have a 18 JLU Sport S and just need a rear bumper with reflectors. I plan to use the Oracle rear bumper LED backup lights. No sensor holes if possible.
  4. Ohio JL/JLU Front steel bumper (Mopar knock off)

    bump. updated price
  5. Ohio JL/JLU Front steel bumper (Mopar knock off)

    The only issue I had was the way the company shipped it. The bumper arrived with scratches and gouges. Not a lot, but not what you would expect from something purchased new. I am not sure if they improved on their packaging in shipping or not, but it wasn't the greatest when I bought it.
  6. Ohio Sold: JL/JLU Front steel bumper (Mopar knock off)

    LED Fog lights (never used) included, but you will need to use your existing front bumper fog light wire harness Has scratches and wear. Pickup only Cleveland, OH $150 obo
  7. Aftermarket Stereo Pro/Con

    Don, My experience was similar. My Sport came with a 7” screen and I wanted to upgrade to get better sound, but didn’t want to lose 1) steering wheel controls, 2) backup cam, and 3) climate controls (I could adjust with the physical controls, but the head unit is the only thing that showed...
  8. Ohio JLUR plastic front bumper

    Plastic front bumper from a JL Rubicon No fog lights No wiring Does include: Bumper w/red tow hooks Air dam Steel bracket that air dam mounts to Frame cover that goes between the bumper and grille Local pickup only to Cleveland Ohio Zip: 44143 $200
  9. Rubicon Steel Front Bumper Inner Covers

    Would also be interested
  10. Working on a removable custom box for under center of rear seat...maybe...

    Looks like a great start. I will be watching your progress. What are your thoughts on the shallow mount Kicker 10" L7? I am currently running this Kicker L7 box connected to a JL Audio VX1000/5i and it sounds great.
  11. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    E-Go Bike was the company, but hl_supershop was the seller eBay ID. I hope yours shows up in better shape. What was the seller ID on your auction?
  12. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Same thing here. Mine showed up pretty banged up as well. The box wasn't as bad as yours, but was beat up. Every metal part was gouged and plastics were all scraped up. Which seller did you buy from? hl_supershop was the seller I bought from. Looks like there are a few sellers that sell this bumper.
  13. Ohio Sold: JL Audio FIX 86 w/ CANBUS resistors

    I am selling my JL Audio FIX 86. Comes with all connectors and am also including (4) 50w 6RJ input resistors that would be needed if using with the factory UConnect head units in the JL/Gladiator. $300 shipped (US only)
  14. Kenwood DMX706S 6.95" Digital Media Receiver

    To simplify the install and use the steering wheel, and climate controls, you would need to get an iDatalink Maestro module with the CH3 harness. You can find more details on the iDatalink site as to what other accessories you can use (like SiriusXM antenna adapter, etc..) For rear backup cam...
  15. Sold: Kenwood DMX706S 6.95" Digital Media Receiver

    Selling my Kenwood DMX706S receiver. I never installed it, so it is in extremely good condition. I decided to try a Pioneer with larger screen. * Fits double-DIN (4" tall) dash openings * Shallow mount/Short chassis - Perfect for JL Wranglers and Gladiator Additional details can be found on...
  16. 8.4 Uconnect with navigation

    First post updated
  17. 8.4 Uconnect with navigation

    Replied to the pm Sorry no bezel