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  1. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Does anyone know if this going to be recalled eventually? Dealer ship said they couldn’t replicate the noise. I know it’s there for sure
  2. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Same here another rear 44 LSD knocking, dropped off at the dealer this morning. Only 1.5 inch lift and gladiator rubicon takeoff wheels here
  3. Will rubicon takeoffs work with 1.5 lift?

    I’m currently running 33s and the 1.5” teraflex leveling kit. Would I be able to throw on rubicon shocks and springs for a little more lift and those longer shocks? Has anyone ran this before? Was also thinking of picking up some LCA’s as well.
  4. Dash instrument cluster failure after two days

    Anyone else’s cluster just completely die? Mine never went intermittent with coming on and off multiple times. I just got in the Jeep and the cluster was dead. I also live in Florida so not sure if the weather has anything to do with it. jeeps been at the dealer for about a month with no ETA on...
  5. Gauge cluster completely off

    So far the dealership is still waiting for a new instrument cluster to come in. It’s been about 2-3 weeks waiting, does this sound right?
  6. Gauge cluster completely off

    Jeep is at the dealer since last Saturday. Kind of worked out because it needed to be brought in for a recall on the steering damper. Got an update that they were waiting on a brand new instrument cluster to come in, so far no complaints!
  7. Gauge cluster completely off

    I have an appointment with the dealer this 16th, will keep the thread updated when I visit. Thank you
  8. Gauge cluster completely off

    I have not actually, all I did was a visual inspection to see if any were blown. Will do this in the morning before work. Thanks for the idea
  9. Gauge cluster completely off

    So I got into my JL sport with a 6 speed manual and started it and noticed my gauges are completely off. All lights are off and none of the needles move. Also when I turn both the headlights and fog lights on only the headlights will turn on. But the fog lights still work in the middle position...
  10. Northridge4x4 3.5" Rock Krawler Suspension Giveaway!

    Hopefully a little birthday magic will get me this kit, thank you
  11. Ocala Hardrock offroad park

    We can always set up a trip for another day, I’m off weekends and always up to get my Jeep muddy lol
  12. Ocala Hardrock offroad park

    Really got the itch to test out my JL. Thinking of heading to Hardrock off-road park in central Florida but don’t want to head alone the first time. I know it’s short notice but wanted to head out there this Sunday if anyone is interested. I would be riding out from Orlando. Cheers
  13. Giveaway of the Month - January 2018 -- JL Wrangler M220 Rear Diff Skid Plate

    I want to start doing some rock crawling so the added protection would be amazing!!
  14. Florida Roll Call!

    JLU Sport with a 6speed reporting in from the Orlando area. My first Jeep ever and already loving it.