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  1. (Delete Thread) Wrong Category

    Or move it to the correct category...
  2. 2019 Rubicon JLU Flood Restoration Project

    NUMA (National Underwater Marine Agency) Only Clive Cussler readers (Dirk Pitt fans) may understand.
  3. The dreaded drain plug on the bottom is no longer there

    See this discussion...
  4. What axles on the JLURD?

    A few months ago I built a spreadsheet showing all the different stock axles for the various Wrangler models. I was trying to decide if going with the WillysXR gave me the axle that I wanted (it does). I do not remember seeing in the Build Guides any referrnce to the 3.0L EcoDsl getting...
  5. Can you guess what's wrong with this Jeep?

    And blue hooks on the front bumper as well. :facepalm:
  6. Can you guess what's wrong with this Jeep?

    Oops... Maybe it takes a bunch of D cell batteries?
  7. Can a Rubicon Unlimited tow an Expedition 2.0 off-grid trailer?

    I suggest when you do post this question on the JK Warangler Forums, include things like the engine and transmission type to get a credible answer. Good luck to you.
  8. FCA Affiliate Rewards

    That's a question for your dealer. The FCA AR program is meant to be 1% off invoice. Some dealers participate in the program. Right now, most seem to not participate.
  9. Beware the Little Trees!!!

    You're not alone...
  10. TazerJL Feature Requests

    Link is on the very first post of this thread. Quoted below.
  11. TazerJL Feature Requests

    These are great ideas. Did you add them to the request list?
  12. FCA Affiliate Rewards

    Read here about the FCA Affiliate Rewards (AR) adding the Warngler back to the program earlier this month.
  13. Reign in the forecast?

    Bring on GOBI!
  14. Wrangler through the years…

    The biggest model change was the JK. Bigger and more defined, moved the Wrangler from a weekend vehice, or a single guy's vehicle to a family daily driver. Then the 4 door sent sales zooming like never before. Today more than 75% of all Wranglers and 4-door.
  15. Anyone have a Power Distribution from battery option?

    You can make one pretty easy using Anderson Power Poles as well.
  16. eTorque on Willys

    That's the problem. He uses a flawed system. The Willys can be ordered with a 3.6 V6 eTorque.
  17. FCA Affiliate Program Reactivated

    Read the rules. It has to be in your name, or a spouse's.
  18. FCA Affiliate Program Reactivated

    To be clear to anybody still learning about the FCA Affiliate Rewards (AR) program, Tread Lightly is only one way to take part in the FCA Affiliate Rewards (AR) program. If you work for a large company, there is a chance that company may also take part in AR. I work for The Home Depot, that...
  19. ‘22 Colors?

    5 or 6 months? Mine came in 60 days.