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  1. Found in my girlfriends parents garage

    NOW you’ve confirmed you met the right girl!
  2. Dual Top Group Questions

    I love the dual tops. I’ve had these on my past two jeeps. I have an electric hoist in my garage for the hardtop. You can get hoists that are manual and work well also. Unless you have a lot of extra room, hoisting the hardtop gets it up and out of the way. Also prevents damage to it. The JL...
  3. Engine tapping on cold start off fast idle

    I have the same motor. I had similar issues with abnormal noise. I took it in to the dealer and they replaced cam and other components. Made a big difference. Had it happen a few months later, took it in and they replaced the other side. So far the engine is now fine. I hope. I also wondered...
  4. Ohio WTB fog/driving auxiliary lights

    Ok. I understand. I will let you know by the end of today?
  5. Ohio WTB fog/driving auxiliary lights

    Hi. I am interested in your lights but I just watched a set sell on the forum for $300. Can you do any better on the price of the lights?
  6. Ohio WTB fog/driving auxiliary lights

    Ok, I understand. Are you including the light mounts?
  7. Ohio WTB fog/driving auxiliary lights

    Ok Not sure what you mean by to show as in picture?
  8. Ohio WTB fog/driving auxiliary lights

    Ok. What is your price shipped?
  9. Ohio WTB fog/driving auxiliary lights

    HI. I am looking for add on - extra lights.
  10. Ohio WTB fog/driving auxiliary lights

    I’m interested in a couple LED lights I could mount above my bumper. I have the mounts, now in the market for lights. Mopar, KC, etc. what do you have you’d like to sell? Not interested in light bars at this time. Please include shipping to 45013 in your price. Thx
  11. 2021 JLUR Manual Transmission Starting in 1st gear tips?

    I think you probably just need to get used to it. I’ve never started in second. More harm than good. I had a 2008 JK prior to the JL. Now That was a hard to learn clutch. I wish I had a dollar for every time I stalled that Jeep. But I eventually got used to it.
  12. California Mopar Front Bumper Light Mounts

    OK please let me know shipping to 45013
  13. California Mopar Front Bumper Light Mounts

    Do you know if these will work with the steel bumper ?
  14. Dog Crate in 2 door or 4 door?

    Great news. Send a bunch of pictures. Get a good look at how that carpet looks new (minus dog hair).....
  15. Who blatantly tows a camper OVER 3500#?

    Totally agree about not towing above rated capacity. Lots of could hurt someone, you could hurt yourself, you could hurt your family. You could damage your jeep and other peoples property. If you have never felt the feeling of loss of control pulling a trailer... be glad, and...
  16. Auto Headlights not Functioning Correctly

    Thx. For some reason everything was working correctly today,
  17. Auto Headlights not Functioning Correctly

    Thx. I do have the oculus lights.
  18. Auto Headlights not Functioning Correctly

    HI. 2019 JL Rubicon. I do have a Mini Tazer. When I leave the headlight switch on Auto, it does not turn headlights off - even in bright sunlight. Lights go off normally after I shut the engine off. I think this used to work, pretty sure. I feel like I must be missing something. Is there...