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  1. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    You will get little to no lift from a gas rubicon. It really wouldn't be worth your time and effort on the switch. If I was you, I would look for a 4 door ecodiesel rubi suspension with a steel bumper and hardtop. That will give your the best results but truthfully even then I think the lift...
  2. Alabama FS: 2021 JLUR Rock Rails

    I would love them but im in the Birmingham area and i dont think im going your way for awhile.
  3. Virginia JL/JT steel bumper OEM LED fog lights

    LED fogs available?
  4. North Carolina Bumpers, Headlights, Fog lights

    If the LED fogs are available, I am interested
  5. Michigan Factory JL Rubicon LED Fog Lights

    How much to ship to 36207?
  6. Tazer Lite Question

    I have a 2020 JL sport, 2019 JLU sport S and a 2020 JT Sport S. I want a Tazer Lite to configure tire size and gearing. Will one Tazer be compatible for all or do i need one for each?
  7. Any production line employees here?

    You sign so many nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements about cameras and pictures its not even funny. We actually just signed a new set last week. The only time a phone or camera is allowed on the floor is if it is for documentation of a quality issue, new process op standards, or other...
  8. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    You should get quite a large lift from that. I highly recommend getting the Mopar LCAs because depending on what model you have, your lift could range anywhere from 2.5" to 3.5". I got about 3 inches out of mine
  9. JK Wheels on a JL?

    I have a 2020 jl sport. I didn't have a single issue with these tires. I have been running them for a few weeks and have done some light offloading and they've done great! I torgue my tires to 130 and the spare to 65 ft/lbs. I had to do adjustments on the tailgate, I had to trim the bumpstops...
  10. Pro Comp 2.5 lift kit K3111b

    I'm wanting to add this lift and the fox shocks to my wife's JLU, what all other parts did you add with the lift
  11. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    Installed 305 65r17 K02s on Rubicon Hard Rock wheels today! Im still loving the lift, I drove about 6 hours with it on to Mississippi and it did great. I'm making adjustments to my spare now. I had to shave down those vibration bumpers and im trimming the backup cam cover also. Altogether with...
  12. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    Mine is the exact same way side to side. I thought it was quite funny.
  13. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    It is a lot firmer but in a good way
  14. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    Yes the LCAs made the steering better than stock and I had my wife confirm that! I told my wife I'm In the market for a steel bumber!
  15. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    The mopar LCA, I thought was a necessity just from reading and consulting here. The drive is better than stock with the new LCA. Just looking at it, it is barely noticeable. Sitting in it is a little bit more noticeable that it isn't level. Overall I'm very happy with it!
  16. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    The front is measured at 39 1/2 The rear is measured at 38 1/2 I got about a 2 1/2 to 3 inch lift all around. I added the Mopar LCA and the steering is great. The steering wheel is a little off center and im going to adjust it when I get off. I'm questioning whether I need to level it out...
  17. Ecodiesel Rubicon suspension swap

    Finally got it installed tonight. Also installed mopar LCAs. It raised it atleast 2" front and back, I haven't done measurements yet.
  18. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    Gonna jump on this thread and say at about 1000 miles and using my release handle about 5 times the plastic part where it is attached to the seat with screws has completely snapped in half. Off to the dealership.