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  1. Axle questions from an inexperienced Jeep owner

    thanks , I totally missed that
  2. Axle questions from an inexperienced Jeep owner

    with this as cross reference to me it seems they're both 44s front and rear.
  3. Video: Jeep Wrangler 4xe embarrassing people at the drag strip

    Straight line runs. doesn't affect the driveline even in 4h. U just don't want turn the wheel ...thats when damage could happen... with that in mind , I would think 4L would get u a harder launch. I wonder if u would run out of gearing before finishing the 1/4 mile.
  4. JLU CLOCK always losing time

    I remember clocks in cars in the 70's being more accurate than what we have. Sometimes I'm actually surprised that it actually plays radio stations and the camera works.
  5. JLU CLOCK always losing time

    I stopped adjusting mine a few months ago ...its just beating s dead horse.. what I do now is wait a few months and it magically adjust itself with a correct time....for a day or two..
  6. So how stupid would this look?

    I say go with it ...I mean, u can always replace a dog but nothing replaces the look on peoples faces when they see u with just one door off.
  7. Peasant???

    Says the guy that started the 8th page ..
  8. Peasant???

    Yes but u too!
  9. Peasant???

    I have to admit ..these right here are downright super plush vehicles ...super comfortable suspension
  10. Peasant???

    U misspelled cork kind sir...
  11. Peasant???

    Lard rovers usually ride their owners
  12. Peasant???

    Also , some people are born with funny bones missing
  13. Saw my first Bronco sport today. Not impressed.

    saw one yesterday... and gave me the bronco wave ... if u don't know ..this, a middle finger. The guy was very livid about showing it to me for what seemed as an eternity . I wasn't feeling childish enough to reflect on it. But it would seem he might have been jealous of my big solid axle.
  14. A-hole Dealer on the Phone

    Should have laughed right back like the joker
  15. Jeep Teases All-Electric Wrangler "Freedom" BEV ⚡️

    Electric.. More of democrat car... it pulls left
  16. Jeep Teases All-Electric Wrangler "Freedom" BEV ⚡️

    Hi ,, i'm 50 years old and i still believe in the tooth fairy
  17. Took the doors off then this happened

    because of pulse width motors.. sure, they're more efficient but I think they're not worth the hassle because of the complexity.