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    Head over to the Jeep website and build a Sport Altitude. It provides a 360 view that is exactly what it looks like and gives you a nice perspective on what you have to look forward to. The interior also has blacked out trim which I love! Here's a screenshot of the 360 view
  2. Order time turnaround for Wrangler Sprt Standard transmission

    I ordered early August and received my Sport Altitude manual transmission mid-October. It sat at a distribution center for 2 weeks due to truck driver shortage. Approximately 10 weeks in total.
  3. Tire Pressure Stock Sport Altitude

    Good to know. Thank you!

    After just over 10 weeks I'm able to share in this thread. My first Jeep! Just a Sport Altitude but I really like this color with the blacked out trim. I was so surprised how sweet it looked in person. After seeing all the modded out Jeeps while I was waiting I didn't think I was going to be as...
  5. Tire Pressure Stock Sport Altitude

    First time Jeep owner here. I just took delivery of a Granite Crystal 2021 Sport Altitude and absolutely loving it. Been reading forum posts on ideal tire pressure and it seems most ride at 36 psi or lower. I was surprised to see the recommended cold temp psi listed on the door was 38 psi. Are...
  6. "Joyride" Hydro JLUSA Build Thread

    I'm actually glad to hear this because I've been thinking I will want to lift and change wheels soon after I get my Jeep. Seeing your pics they don't look all that bad. The advice I keep hearing is to drive it stock for awhile before making big changes so hopefully the stock tires won't bother...
  7. "Joyride" Hydro JLUSA Build Thread

    I'm waiting on a Sport Altitude so following along with your build. I'm new to the Jeep world so trying to understand all this stuff. Love everything you've done so far! Did you add the Rubi takeoff springs and leveling kit? I can't tell from the pictures.