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  1. Lets See those New 2022's!

    Cancel and reorder. Probably never see the one you ordered.
  2. Dealers % Below Invoice on 2022 Wranglers

    You can sell the dealership the vehicle early, however it cannot be traded in prior to your vehicle being on the lot and the deal occuring. It is against the law for a dealership to count a vehicle as a trade in prior. If you want it to be a trade in for tax purposes you will have to wait.
  3. The worst engine choice. The 392.

    Presonally, I don't think the 392 makes sense in a cinder block on wheels. I would have rather seen the 5.7 Hemi from the RAM added as a few thousand $ engine option.
  4. I sold my wrangler to Vroom, and here's why...

    Wow! I just tried. 2021 JLUR XR. 500 miles and sticker of 59k. They only offered 52k....
  5. I sold my wrangler to Vroom, and here's why...

    What year was it and how many miles?
  6. Cancelled Order

    True! Plus it may be cheaper as proximity and 8.4 are now standard features.
  7. Cancelled Order

    You ordered late in the run. Typically, for American customers, they will roll the order over to the following model year. Being that you are in Australia, they decided to cancel the order. I've seen this happen to other over seas customers before.
  8. Please help! Jeep VS Durango order info

    Best bet is to email, or call, Daniel. He will send you a quote with the POC. It will show all that info.
  9. I was just offered $51,500 by a dealer...

    I did and haven't heard a peep since. 😆
  10. I was just offered $51,500 by a dealer...

    I just entered the information for my 2021 JLURXR with 500 miles. They offered me 2k less than what you got for your 2019 with 30k+...
  11. Advice on buying dealer inventory

    I'm assuming they will be at MSRP or above for an on the lot vehicle. Most dealerships are.
  12. JKS, Rock Krawler & Metalcloak 2.5" lifts....

    Based on the jeep being primarily a daily driver with some mild offroading, I vote none of the above. This is especially true of you experience winter weather where you live. The listed kits will require upkeep and maintaining the joints etc. With mild offroading extreme manipulation of the...
  13. How to sale my 4xe Rubicon to get maximum price?

    Try carmax, vroom, carvana, and any dealerships near you. See who makes the best offer.
  14. New Wheel Option on Jeep Wrangler Sport S — 17″ x 7.5″ Machined / Painted Black Wheels

    Love those Mopar ones. I have thought about going with them previously.
  15. % off new 2022 wrangler orders?

    As previously stated, Stellantis has cancelled Affiliate Pricing on the wrangler. There are a handful of dealerships still offering discounts. Closest to you in probably Idaho. Find a price you like and have it shipped. I live in IL and ordered from Chapman in PA. Never visited the dealership...
  16. Anyone Spec out a Extreme Recon Willys Sport?

    Maybe an updated order guide will come out soon.
  17. Anyone Spec out a Extreme Recon Willys Sport?

    The JLU comes with AC, unless you are looking at a 2 door JL. If so, the XR package is not available on the 2 door. Just an FYI, often Jeep doesn't allow bare bones, they will require a bunch of options to get certain packages. The JLUR required the 3.6 engine and AT to get the XR package...
  18. Anyone check reported MPG? Mine is showing 2mpg higher on dash

    I've had three JLUR. I tend to hand calculate MPG at every fill up to compare to the screen. Usually both are within .5 of each other. I have seen as much as a 1 mile difference though.
  19. Poor unsafe wet pavement performance new tires

    Drop them to 32-34 PSI and see how they do.