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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    what bracket is that? Mine is kinda zip tied up. I need a solid place to put mine. That looks clean.
  2. (non) off-road shaming - why?

    Its funny you mention the status thing. My Jeep is Orange, i get compliments regularly, like 3 or 4 times a week out in the wild. Most notably... day care and the grocery store. At both places i have lots of run ins with people with much more expensive vehicles, Mercedes, lexus, BMWs, Teslas, no...
  3. (non) off-road shaming - why?

    I think you are overlooking alot of the wranglers appeal. The obvious one is the open air. Soft top it removal hard top with the freedom panels as well as easily removable door. Huge reason alone why many would get a Wrangler despite the other things it lacks. When people see others in...
  4. (non) off-road shaming - why?

    Some people have the need to belittle others to make themselves feel better. I say ignore them and do what makes you happy. Its funny we all say 90 something percent of jeep owners dont do serious off-roading. That means a lot of us on here are serious mall crawlers! When called a mall crawler...
  5. NEW! SS3 LED Pods for JL Wranglers! | Diode Dynamics

    Perfect man! Thanks. I'm really looking forward to getting these and getting them installed!
  6. NEW! SS3 LED Pods for JL Wranglers! | Diode Dynamics

    Exactly, I don't need the ones with the special bracket for a factory bumper. I was looking at the one on this link. Yea I saw those connectors but wasn't sure which one I needed. I kept the factory...
  7. NEW! SS3 LED Pods for JL Wranglers! | Diode Dynamics

    Good to hear that the pro should be more than enough! Hard to see in the pic but there is a slit for mounting the fog lights in the hole.
  8. NEW! SS3 LED Pods for JL Wranglers! | Diode Dynamics

    Thanks for the info man! My bunker just has a slot at the bottom where the fog lights go. I assume these lights will come with the regular type bracket that holds the light on both sides and has the single bolt at the bottom... If that comes with the light then I would be good. I was...
  9. NEW! SS3 LED Pods for JL Wranglers! | Diode Dynamics

    I am planning on getting the ss3 pro sae fogs for my jlu sport s with after market bumper. I'm keeping the factory wiring from the plastic bumper. What adapter would I need to order with the lights to make it plug and play?
  10. Rims... to center cap or not?

    Isn't the rim a part of the wheel? Like the rim of a cup? I agree though. Looks better without the center cap.
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Are those ss3 fogs street legal?
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got my hefty fab works bumper powered coated and installed finally! Got the badlands winch on weigh the warn interrupt kit so that I can turn power off and on from my dash mounted voswitches. Also got the hefty fab works skid plate on ( can't really see it in this pictures). Love the bumper...
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Don't the same only using the warn power interrupt kit. Hopefully I can get mine done this week.
  14. Null

    I prefer null over an empty string.
  15. Can 37s fit with the stock Sport/Sahara fenders?

    Not to side track this thread but for the aal lights, when ordering did you get the led or non led? Would a sport that came with halogen lights get the non led to make it work?
  16. Sport S axle upgrade

    Has anyone on here done this? Putting the gladiator d44 on the Wrangler? Is it identical?
  17. Washington, D.C. Dana 30 RCV axles w fad for sale

    The price being offered is a really good one. Full price i think is 1400 or 1500. For that price people say its better to do a rubicon axle swap (i guess it depends on your needs and wants). Also good to know that to grease the RCV axle shafts you have to remove your wheels. I plan to get some...
  18. Washington, D.C. Dana 30 RCV axles w fad for sale

    They aren't needed at all, but help support bigger tires for the non rubicons with the dana 30 front axle. They dont make the same style axle shafts for the rear and its probably not needed if you are adding the just 35 or 37s to the Dana 30 front axle, provided you have the Dana 44 rear LSD. If...
  19. How long do Jeeps usually last?

    what determines if a jeep is done? rust? If the engine goes i'll put in a new one. Same with the transmission. Anything that breaks is just an excuse to get a better one. I plan to keep my Jeep as long as humanly possible! I still have my 2007 Jeep Patriot for that matter.... although i'm not...
  20. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    Cool. Yea i plan to wire it with the warn interrupt kit to a switch. It should not be getting power unless i specifically want to use it. Since i've had the Jeep for 3 years now and the only off roading i've done is beach driving, i'm going to say i probably wont be using it much. Thanks for...