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  1. WTB: Ocean Blue Rubi Fender flares

    Ok I’m sure you got rid of these LONGGGG ago, just wanted to see if they were available by the slightest chance though lol.
  2. Kentucky JLU Rubicon textured Fender Flares

    Where in TN were you considering? Taking the drive into account, the best I can do is $380. Any deep scratches or dents?
  3. Chopped Sport Fender Flares - Let’s see ‘em!

    Considering purchasing a @Quake LED fender chop kit for my JL. I have the Sport flares though and I am semi-nervous about cutting the one piece flares as I have not seen many people attempt it. Has anyone else chopped their Sport flares, and if so, let’s see them!
  4. Kentucky JLU Rubicon textured Fender Flares

    Still available? Willing to ship?
  5. Georgia WTB Ocean Blue Metallic Fender Flares

    Does anyone have a set of Ocean Blue Metallic fender flares for sale? I know they’re a bit of a unicorn part, but I’d really like to get my hands on a set. Thanks!
  6. How to properly paint tow hooks for beginners?

    Personally, I took my black primered Sport tow hooks out of my stock bumper and fitted them to my steel stubby bumper. It’s a bit of a process to remove the red tow hooks, but doing it right the first time is worth it. The Sport tow hooks are already primered, so I just cleaned them up real good...
  7. Georgia ($140) Fox 2.0 IFP Steering Stabilizer + Synergy Tie Rod Stabilizer Clamp

    -Upgraded to the Fox 2.0 ATS Stabilizer and no longer need this. Stabilizer is in near perfect condition, used for approx. 7K miles. -Included is a Synergy stabilizer relocation is intended to clamp to the Synergy 1-Ton Tie Rod. Trackbar bolt not included. Used for approx. 5K...
  8. Pennsylvania OEM Red Hardtop $2k OBO or trade Black hardtop + cash

    LMK if you're around in the future and I'll hit you up.
  9. Pennsylvania OEM Red Hardtop $2k OBO or trade Black hardtop + cash

    🤔 Shoot planning on visiting GA? I'll buy that Ocean Blue top off ya
  10. There is no perfect engine

    To each their own, at least I won't get mistaken for a straight piped 350Z.
  11. There is no perfect engine

    It really does not sound all that bad. I've got an exhaust and a cold air intake on it....has a nice growl and the intake lets you hear the turbo spool and makes a "whoosh" sound when letting off. I cant tell you how many times I've heard a 3.6 with a muffler gets old, the 2.0 is...
  12. Pennsylvania Synergy upper and lower adjustable control arms

    Willing to do $175 plus shipping for uppers?
  13. Georgia WTB: Ocean Blue Metallic Flares or Top

    Just seeing if there's anything out there....haven't seen anything on here or FB for an Ocean Blue listing.
  14. Would you duck me? I'd duck me...

    Lol I've only been ducked once....mind you I keep my JL very tidy and detailed and I always get compliments on how clean/nicely modified it is. I don't know if that deters people from ducking me, but I promise I won't go all OCD if you lay a duck on the door handle 🤣
  15. Maybe leave this badge off your Jeep

    Bingo! I ran my Sport without a lift and my 35s for a week or so....looked BEEFY but it was darn close to rubbing even on road and it was far from ideal. Sports and Saharas can run 35s stock, but the first bit of articulation you encounter will result in rubbing or worse, tearing a fender...
  16. Does your Jeep have an Instagram? Share it here!

    @Yondu_JLU 🤟 need to hit some trails lol
  17. Green wheels

    Buy once, cry once 🤷‍♂️
  18. Texas Absolute best lift kit

    I was not very impressed with the Mopar kit. It looked cool with the Fox shocks and all and rode decently, but for the price point it did not include much bang for your buck. I have since been on a full Synergy 2-3" Lift w/ Fox 2.0 Resi's and their 1-ton steering system. Very impressed with...
  19. Sport Fender LED (rubi style) questions

    I have the same product installed. Mine only function with the parking light switch on, but I have my halos wired in a manner that allows me to run them full time. In order to run the fender DRL's on a Sport full time, another wire is required as ours do not come equipped for LED functionality...
  20. NEW! Just Installed LED Fender Lights Compatible With Sport Flares!

    They are still fantastic. I love how they look and thus far I have had no issues *knock on wood*. I did not find a solution for the side marker flicker yet. I verified that they were plugged in all the way, yet it still flickered. I am guessing that the lack of a resistor on the DRL end is...