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  1. 2dr custom exhaust

    How many HP and what size tube did they use?
  2. 35" Options on stock Rubicon wheels?

    Those are 35x11.5R17's
  3. 2dr custom exhaust

    LOL! Yes, yes I have, but I have to admit I'd forgotten about this little jewel of engineering: So while I agree that flows poorly it is mandrel bent as is the rest of the system:
  4. Would Sahara wheels improve the street driveability of my Rubicon?

    Not apples to apples, but I borrowed a set of 17" street tires off a JK when I had my Jeep dyno'd. There was a VERY noticeable improvement in ride, braking and acceleration compared to the 35x11.5 Nittos... Can't speak to mpgs though.
  5. 2dr custom exhaust

    Pics or it didn't happen ;)
  6. school me on synthetic line. What changes to recovery gear are the result of using synthetic?

    I am lucky enough to park inside most of the time so UV damage hasn't been an issue. I get my line from Custom Splice and he always includes includes a 10' sleeve for protecting the line from rubbing on logs, rocks and such. I have the habit of keeping this sleeve at the end of the line and it...
  7. Higher psi on load range C than load E?

    I have always run less pressure when running E rated tires on a Jeep to improve ride. I have C rated 35x11.5 Nitto's on my JLR and found 30 psi to be best. Your 392 is heavier so I wouldn't go below 32 for sure and might try 35 once the roads dry up and you can chalk test.
  8. Newbie: Winch for 4XE?

    Unless you are looking to make a statement, don't forget the OEM steel bumper. They are not the most robust but FCA worked hard to keep the weight down and take things like crash protection into consideration. You can often find a take off on Craigslist or Ebay. I've heard mounting the Mopar...
  9. Newbie: Winch for 4XE?

    Pffft, seriously? A stock M-8274? Who's in for the Gigglepin TwinMotor group buy? At this point I imagine the OP's head is about to explode!
  10. Newbie: Winch for 4XE?

    I am trying to avoid telling you what to do. My goal is to help you make an educated choice. If it were my Jeep I would get synthetic line, good choice. Last Fall I was one of the guides at a Jeep Adventure Academy event. The instructor talking about winches said he'd rather have an 8k quality...
  11. Newbie: Winch for 4XE?

    This is excellent advice. But *always* is a strong word. There are many situations when you can't use the drivetrain to assist the winch. Sliding sideways on a muddy hill, sugar sand, side pulls, etc. I recognize we are getting away from the OP's intended use a bit, but if a recreational...
  12. Newbie: Winch for 4XE?

    I have never seen a steel cable break (thank God) but I have seen several synthetic lines break. And yes, I've had to splice mine back at camp before.
  13. Newbie: Winch for 4XE?

    I agree with you to a point. Any winch can be overrun by the vehicle and your example is spot on. But there are exceptions and other factors that come into play in the real world. The 8274 on my CJ-7 pulls cable at 79 feet per minute. Admittedly, this is not the most practical winch to mount...
  14. Manual Trans - RPM oddity?

    I have to say the drive-by-wire throttle is the worst thing about my JL. Oddly, I don't have any of these issues with my 2012 JLR which is also a 3.6 w/manual transmission. As I understand it, rev hang is when you upshift but the engine rpm's don't drop to match the new gear. This is done for...
  15. Newbie: Winch for 4XE?

    I would not be under pressure to buy the winch just because it's on sale. Sure, $611 for a 12k Gen2 Smittybilt with synthetic line is a great price. But it may be that the 9.5K Smittybilt with steel cable for $340 suits your needs better. Here are the decisions you need to make: 1) How heavy is...
  16. 2dr custom exhaust

    I have built several custom exhaust systems over the years. Back in the day factory exhausts were undersized and flowed poorly due to the kinks and wrinkles in the bends. You could gain a fair amount of power installing a free flowing exhaust. No more. OEM or any aftermarket exhaust is going to...
  17. 10-year Jeep Challenge

    I'll raise you ten years! 2002 1982 CJ-7 This is Tex when I brought him home. AMC 258 six cylinder, T-176 transmission, Dana 300 transfer case, 6" spring over lift, 33" tires, stock axle and gears. 2012 By now Tex is riding on 40's with Dana 44/70 axles and 4.88 gears. Despite the larger...
  18. 3.6 with manual, 4.88 or 5.13?

    Normally I would say 4.88 but being on Oahu sort of changes the advice a mainlander gives. Oahu has a 4,000 ft. peak and only two places you can hit 60 mph? 5.13 max
  19. Best "budget" synthetic winch line (and best cover?)?

    I've been buying my winch line from Custom Splice for years. Todd offers great products, great service and competitive prices. For example 125' of 3/8" Diamond Line (his house brand) is $175. I've been trying to buy American made products when possible, so the line on my JL is Amsteel Blue which...
  20. No rear seat

    Extra points for removing the rear seat belts! Pro tip for anyone attempting this, the bolts are installed with a locking compound and easiest to remove if you first use an induction heater on them... otherwise you risk stripping the stupid torx head. Don't ask me how I know!