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  1. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    indeed it does. i'd look for the actual listing of what it includes, because the black grill is a feature of the Willys. but contact your dealer. websites are frequently inaccurate.
  2. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    i would think you should get what you ordered, especially if you've already got your VIN, but you could try checking with your Dealer for giggles. what site are you looking at that shows a Willys without a black grill? if on the off chance you were to get one without the black grill (i've never...
  3. Non-Rubi/Willys wheels and "curb" appeal

    WRT wheels, i really loved the look of the Moab wheels, but was planning on using larger tires. although i expected it in theory, it was still a surprise to me how much better a slightly *wider* wheel felt, even with the same tires!
  4. EcoDiesel stalled while driving, won't restart at 4100 miles.

    interesting,.. not sure why they'd decide to replace the tank and/or fuel lines when you blew a Lift Pump. Lines; which ones? the Feed and Return Lines? does that include the High Pressure Injector lines? would be very interested to see the list of parts replaced when you get it back!
  5. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Willys Diesel, with the Mopar Diesel-specific "2.5" lift on 35x12.5 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Muds. (stock Moab wheels in this pic.) note that this brought the front up 4.3" and the rear up almost 3". adding a winch and Off-Road bumper brought the front down 0.5" to 3.8" over stock. in my...
  6. EcoDiesel stalled while driving, won't restart at 4100 miles.

    interesting; different symptoms than mine, as i didn't get any lights. here's hoping it's something simpler for you! keep us posted!
  7. EcoDiesel stalled while driving, won't restart at 4100 miles.

    hi Eric! which fuel pump are you talking about? the High Pressure Fuel Pump under the hood, or the Fuel Pump/Gauge module in the tank? if you lost the HPFP you'll need both (and the entire fuel system expect the tank) replaced, but it was the one in the tank that took me 2.5 months to get. not...
  8. Looking for advice 3.6 vs 3.0 ED

    another thing to consider is that even if you get a Willys, when you order the EcoDiesel it gets upgraded to a Dana 44 front axle instead of the 35. had one issue with my Diesel when i first got it, but after putting about 10K in on it i'm pretty happy with the way it performs. even turning...
  9. Already down at 3,605 miles :(

    bummer about the vehicle; gotta' hate when stuff like that happens! but we all know that vehicles these days are complex, and stuff sometimes fails. (BTDT!) wanted to make sure you know that J**pcares does have some latitude to compensate you for some things, but you may have to be insistent...
  10. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    this new JT was parked out in the weeds this morning, so, you know,….
  11. Just ordered 2022 Jeep Willy

    welcome to the J**p world! it's "willyS". and "moJave" (pronounced: "mo-HA-vay"). ;) enjoy; we just got back from a 10-day trip through the desert in our (white) Willys, and it was a hoot. i personally think the Willys is one of the best value packages out there right now. FWIW, when we...
  12. Which engine to order with Rubicon (canceling a 4xe order)

    sounds like you haven't tried driving the diesel yet or you wouldn't be wondering if it's loud. (it's not.) i'd recommend you try driving one!
  13. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    and? not sure i see the point trying to be made here.
  14. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    more likely *rent*, not buy,... ;)
  15. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    the stock mounting location for the JL Stabilizer is stupid; anyone driving over anything irregular is likely to bash it. if anyone was going to do anything with a Stabilizer on a JL, it should wind up relocated above the axle (as was the case with the JK).
  16. No where for gas cap to hang

    i've got the locking Mopar cap on my diesel; i just hang the thing on its tether over the top of the filler door while fueling where it's out of the way. non-issue.
  17. Ceramic Coating.... Yes or No?

    i can't imagine anything is going to help with the Mesquite 'Desert Pinstriping' we deal with out west. if the J**p gets used for what it's for, it's going to be obvious.
  18. Looking for a smoother riding tire

    i find the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Muds to be a fairly mild Mud Tire, more of an aggressive AT. they ride smoother and quieter than the stock tires, even though they are Load Range D and the stock Firestoness were Load Range C. i keep the tire pressures in the low 30s on the road, and in the...
  19. % of Diesels with major problems?

    absolutely not; it's a non-issue.