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  1. Colorado 2019 Rubicon Wheels (5)

    Hi Mark, Yes, I still have the wheels. I'll give you a ring this evening or you can DM me. --mike
  2. Colorado 2019 Rubicon Wheels (5)

    No, I'd rather not.
  3. Colorado 2019 Rubicon Wheels (5)

    They're the stock 2019 Rubicon wheels so 17x7.5
  4. 12V Fridge & freezer

    Cool. Thanks! Online reviews are nice and all but it's great to hear from someone who actually uses a thing.
  5. 12V Fridge & freezer

    How do you feel about its capacity? There's only the two of us and a small dog. Would it be overkill for a weekend for two people?
  6. 12V Fridge & freezer

    Is that the LS35?
  7. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    This link has some info on the Overland Plus and why it uses Giiro's over Johnny's:
  8. Colorado Sold: Mopar Genuine 82215351 Winch & Grille Guard

    Fits the steel bumper. Only on the rig for a couple hundred miles. Nothing wrong with it, I just went with something else. $100 I'm 10-15 minutes north of Boulder.
  9. Colorado Sold: **Free** 2019 JLUR Rock Rails

    No scratches, never off road. Taken off at about 6K miles. I'm 10-15 minutes north of Boulder.
  10. Colorado 2019 Rubicon Wheels (5)

    Includes lug nuts but no TPMS sensors. Approximately 9800 miles. $500 $400 I'm about 15 minutes north of Boulder.
  11. 18 or 17 inch Rims with 35s no Lift post your pictures

    315/70r17 Duratracs on AEV Borahs. No lift.
  12. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Finally got the Borah's installed I bought during the "5 for 4" sale. I had a local company powder coat the protection rings to match the satin black and painted the bolt caps.
  13. Bye bye Bikini for 2021 model year? [Confirmed]

    The website build tool is often out of date on these kinds of things.
  14. AEV is actually doing a sale! Uncharted times!

    My Borah's got delivered today. Thanks @Northridge4x4! Now I just need to find a sale on the protection rings.
  15. Any engine with ESS

    You might consider having it looked at. I've had mine about a year and half with a little over 9,000 miles and haven't experienced either of those. Okay, that's not entirely true, once in a great while it'll start back up when I don't think I've done anything but that's happened maybe a handful...