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  1. Exercising a Wrangler 392 on Hackett Gulch

    first thing I thought of was that low hanging oil plug on the 392 ! Yikes!
  2. Wife wants a

    Fun Ride. The Jeep ...!
  3. Brought home new 392…what’s this?

    Broken rubber, maybe one of these days you will have another jeep.
  4. Jeep Wrangler 392 engine failure after 25 miles - Update 01/15/22

    Bummer, you you got a lemon. Trust me every car manufacture has lemons. I love my 392 it is my 6th Jeep and the best, car I have ever owned. Do not give up. If you can get them to replace the intire car do it. If they want to put a new engine in it get a SRT loaner !
  5. When will jeep offer a 2dr Rubicon 392 just as the 1970s cj5 .

    If they are going to stop production of mussel cars in 2024 they might want to use up those 392's! We just might see a 2 door 392..... : )
  6. Will the 392 Join in the end game?

    They will have to pry my 392 from my cold dead hands...
  7. Anyone else considering trading their 392 for a 392XR?

    I already had 4.56 gears installed with the Mopar brake controler and the speed limit is not been an issue. I towed my 20' Geo pro trailer fully loaded with NO issues ( installed overload airbags in the rear springs) 35" tires feel like the 33" even when towing. I would not sell this baby!
  8. What’s downside to 392 outside of cost and mpg

    NO downside. I love everything about my 392! 2021
  9. First pic of a 392XR (Xtreme Recon)!

    I went to 35" tires and had rebell off road regear to 4.56 , I installed the Mopar electric brake controler and instearted airbages in the springs. I tow a 6k lb trailer with NO issues. When I airdown the bags you do not even know they are there. The 4.56 gearing was a must for me. Towing I am...
  10. Rubicon 392 - A Little Info

    Only 1000 of the 2021 392's were built because of Covid. the total for the normal Wrangler in 2021 is 118,00 the 2022 year will have over 220,000 built.
  11. 392 Tow Rating

    I installed the Mopar electric brake controller for braking. Do you guys think the Gladiator has a stronger frame?
  12. 392 Tow Rating

    Does anybody know why the Gladiator has a higher tow rating than the 392? I assume part of it is weight? wheelbase ? The transmission's are the same correct? I need to pull a trailer of about 4500 LBS .
  13. Suspension on the 392 and some confusion

    I think I am getting 13 around town and 17 HWY , the power feels great but I am not pushing it to hard. I made the gear change seeing that the 2022 Jeep 392 Recon will have the same gears and transmission, so I'm not doing anything Jeep was not planning on doing. ( worried about the axel strength)
  14. Suspension on the 392 and some confusion

    I put 35" tires on with no problems I had the gears done last week. 4.56 and the shifting is fantastic. I want a 3.5" lift and nobody has one yet that I know of!
  15. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    I am waiting for lifts to come out. Going for 3.5 lift with KING shocks. I just had new gears installed last week 4.56 and what a difference it make with the shifting! I used the Tazer system to set up the new tire size and gear's. 4
  16. JEEP 392 MP3022 FULL TIME 4WD/ 2WD HACK ? HELP!

    Seriously, Jeep has transformed with it's four doors and wider stance into a great all purpose overland and 4WD vehicle and all it lacked was power. The 3.6L in my opinion was the worst motor Jeep ever introduced. I liked the 4.0. 4.2 and the 304. My 2016 that had the 3.6L was a DOG , it got 8...
  17. JEEP 392 MP3022 FULL TIME 4WD/ 2WD HACK ? HELP!

    I just wanted more power to pull my trailer. I missed my CJ5 with a 304 and waited all these years for one to come out, just wish my 392 was a little quieter...
  18. 37's On My Wrangler 392 *No Lift/Stock Wheels

    Do you notice any tire flexing (sidewall) on the Hwy ?
  19. Gear Change for 37's on my 392

    With a 37" and bead locks I would go with 4.88:1 I have 35" and I plan on a Spicer 4.56:1 change out.