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  1. JL 2019 AC Smells

    What PRU said, but I do this only for about 20-30 seconds at the end of every AC ride to dry them out and warm them up before it sits in the heat. This prevents the mold/mildew formation before it starts rather than trying to fix it after it's there. The liquid moisture forms in the ducts when...
  2. Proper Jeep Wave

    Back from a week "up north" in Michigan, where there are a lot of Jeeps and the Jeep wave is going strong. At least 90% participation. It was a warm, dry week, so lots of doors off and tops down or off. Waves were coming out every orifice. 😳
  3. Asking dealers to not apply dealership stickers / badges?

    I always ask and they always say it's no prob.
  4. Long Hair, Don't Care (but need some tips)

    (Not to hijack the thread, but ...) I superglued a black rubber washer to the key fob around the release button.
  5. Long Hair, Don't Care (but need some tips)

    What, no guys talking about their own long hair? Multiple hair ties and either a tight baseball (Detroit Tigers) cap or a floppy safari (actually Saba Island) hat with a chin strap for me.
  6. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    I'm just going with the manual transmission. Never expected one this good in a Jeep.
  7. Question on going topless with a cargo mat

    I have a Canvasback. It velcros down, so it ain't going anywhere. I did want to say however that topless and windows down, things are more likely to go flying if they're right behind your seat than back by the tailgate.
  8. Soft top weight

    The main folding top piece is not, by my guess, more than 80 lbs, probably significantly less. But there's 8 other pieces to it: 3 windows, tailgate bar, 4 door surrounds (6 before 2 of them are permanently joined). Hanging it may need some tweaking before it's right because the frame elbows...
  9. When are you using 4H and 4L on your Wrangler?

    Almost never use 4L unless I'm dragging something heavy off-road. 4H on trails. 4H in snow. Although people are saying one wheel will slip if you're turning in 4H, the only time that will really matter is when you're going slow enough to turn sharply. The difference in turning radius between...
  10. 2021 JL Throttle Surge (manual trans)

    Why take it out of gear? IIR, the engine computer will cut off the fuel injectors after a few seconds when in gear with no throttle. No gas usage then. Put in the clutch and it needs gas to keep the engine turning.
  11. Need recommendations on hard top cover
  12. Need recommendations on hard top cover

    I keep mine in my parents' garage covered by a moving blanket. Tip: Store it on its side so the front of any car/truck can fit in it. (That was before the moving blanket)
  13. What are these?

    I put in aftermarket seat heaters in my JK. Served me quite well here in MI, but I never want to see a hog ring again in my life.
  14. Yellow OP banner

    ^^ eww :puke:
  15. Low MPG with 33s R18 load E tires

    Lots of rotational inertia in heavy tires. The starts and stops of city driving require lots of energy to spin them up and lose lot of energy in heat loss off the brakes. Highway driving probably wouldn't have as much of a hit to your mileage.
  16. Whenever someone calls a new or newer Wrangler "soft" or "not a real Jeep," show them the CJ5 Tuxedo Park

    I own a '68 CJ5 and an '18 JLU. I love them both, but other than the power-take-off winch (front and back!), there are no capabilities in the '68 that haven't been vastly improved in 50 years.
  17. Going in 4WD over 45 mph

    No, it's not a problem with part-time 4WD. I usually take my foot off the gas first (and put the clutch in , if equipped). Also, the transfer case engages and disangages 4WD upon torque reversal. So you may have to accelerate and decelerate a time or two before it's functioning.
  18. thud noise when engaging parking brake

    They don't fix it, they replace it. And then the replacement ends up doing the same thing after a year or so. Replaced two of them on my JK (and the 3rd did it too), and now my JL is doing it. So I'm 0 for 4 on having a reliable parking brake.