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  1. Rugged Ridge Winch plate + Superwinch TS 9500

    They indicated that it wouldn't be an issue as the motor freely rotates. I traded the rubi in on an identical gladiator and installed it on there, fits exactly the same, no issues.
  2. General Winch Advice

    You can wire it to the aux switches - you'll need to have them power the relays in the relay box. If you do it correctly, you'll also be able to use the remote. The superwinch I put on mine came with a large fuse so it could be attached directly to the battery but still be protected from shorts.
  3. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    Around 5k lbs loaded. I towed it for around a year, including to upstate ny, but traded the jlur in on a gladiator Rubicon as I got a great deal and wanted the extra cargo capacity. I had zero issues with the jlur, it was great and the towing experience was almost exactly the same. The...
  4. Jeep vs Defender

    I remember people saying the exact same thing when land rover switched to coils on the defender. Jeep was only 10 years late with that one on the wrangler.
  5. JL - Trailer Brake Controller

    Yes, the 3014. I've installed in both jl and jt (gladiator), no issues. If you hit the manual brake without a trailer hooked up it throws errors, but they reset when you restart, and if a trailer is hooked up it works properly.
  6. Jeep vs Defender

    If it performs, who cares? FWIW, I own a series 3 109, so am an enthusiast, but ffs it's almost 2020. If they can make it perform like a solid axle, body on frame off road but be comfortable and useable on, it's a good vehicle.
  7. Report: Towing Near Max Rating.

    Then you should have asked him why the grand Cherokee has a higher tow rating despite having a shorter wheelbase. Can't be the wheelbase based on that.
  8. JL - Trailer Brake Controller

    This tekonsha harness works in both the jl and jt (gladiator). Plug and play, drivers side dash. It will only light up the dash if you hit the manual brake override without a trailer hooked up, and restarting the vehicle resets the warnings. Verified that on both.
  9. Wheeling Stock - Let's See the Pics

    From a trip back in feb, roof rack and winch aren't stock but the rest is.
  10. Heaviest you've towed with JL

    Jeez, better not use the factory tow hook, that's only attached to one frame rail. Hooking a 10,000lbs winch to that and extracting that will probably rip the frame completely in half.
  11. How many miles did you put on your Wrangler year one?

    I'm at 25k with a week or two to go until I hit a year...
  12. Heaviest you've towed with JL

    The hitch definitely isn't the weak point. If you look, there are class iv hitches available that are the exact same design. The cross member it's attached to has a massive cross sectional area compared to even most class 5 hitches on one tons that are bolted to the frame, and the cross member...
  13. Heaviest you've towed with JL

    '67 Overlander.
  14. Heaviest you've towed with JL

    If you look at the Grand Cherokee, it's rated the same 3500lbs, but 6000lbs with a weight distributing hitch. A JLU will be scary at 3000lbs or higher with a regular hitch. With a WD hitch and sway control, properly set up, good trailer brakes and experience I'd say the 3500lbs is extremely...
  15. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    Gah, the only reason I want them is so the rear fenders stay somewhat clean and my kids don't get dirty climbing in and out. I couldn't care less about the hinges.
  16. Mopar Roof Rack Mods (security, paint protection, + whistling SOLVED)

    I did and it didn't work. Still whistles, so it's apparently not the openings on the ends doing it. I haven't taped/covered the whole bottom, just the openings. I plan to take the bars off at some point and tape the whole bottom of the bar to see if that helps but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  17. Rugged Ridge Winch plate + Superwinch TS 9500

    I installed the pair of these on my JLUR with factory steel bumpers yesterday and had a couple of issues - the biggest being that the Rugged Ridge winch plate rear mount plate does not clear the sway bar disconnect motor on the Rubicon. I had to leave the rear plate off - it will require a 1"...
  18. Jerry can or rotopax mounts.

    I don't run it 24/7. It's for periodic use, mainly to cool it down at night. All of the appliances run on dc+propane and with two full tanks they'll run for over a week with no a/c power. 10 gals would be the most I'd need and 4 gallons would probably be fine as I could start with a full...
  19. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Yeah, I've been ready for 6 months, it's rhino that's not ready.