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  1. Swaps - LS3 vs Hemi

    Is it just me or does the LS actually rev up a little more aggressively than a Hemi? This is somewhat anecdotal since its based on watching videos of guys doing startups and revs and seeing a few in person. I know the Hemis have come a long way but it seems the LS is still the reliability and...
  2. Swaps - LS3 vs Hemi

    Bump...anyone else have recent feedback on these two platforms in JL/Us?
  3. Swaps - LS3 vs Hemi

    Great thread here. I am deep in this decision process right now. Have talked to Jeff and Rick at Bruiser and Dan at Dakota Customs. Both great guys who really know their stuff. Also as others have pointed out not a cheap option and definitely don't expect to get all your money out (unless you...
  4. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Looks really awesome. Congrats. How do you like the ride quality of the Ridge Grapplers in that size? My understanding is they only come in E rating and I have personally had some issues with E rated on stock suspension in past. Just a little rough in cabin.
  5. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Ordering Shows 3.0L CRD Diesel V6 (w/Manual Transmission?) and 3.6L BSG Engines!

    This would seem to indicate that in fact the BSG is for real and it is here now. Anyone else have a similar experience or hear from someone who knows anything?
  6. People that have gone from "sporty" rides to a Wrangler... be honest now... do you regret it?

    Great post....feel the same way. Have had a bunch of sportscars (several M3s. Porsche Turbo, tons of Camaros, 2004 Mustang Cobra, 2016 GT350, 2017 Audi S6 V8 twin turbo) but really love the Jeep. Have a JKU now and ordering a 2019 JLU. The Jeeps are just so much damn fun and frankly none of us...
  7. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Ordering Shows 3.0L CRD Diesel V6 (w/Manual Transmission?) and 3.6L BSG Engines!

    Has anyone had a dealer confirm the 3.6L BSG will begin production soon? I am ready to order a 2019 and thinking I will wait for the BSG if only a few weeks / month or so.
  8. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    This looks really great. Congrats. What are the specs on the lift and tires?
  9. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Your jeep looks incredible dude. Nice work. How do you like the General Grabbers? How would you compare them to a Nitto Ridge Grappler or other similar tire in that range? Thinking you have the Grabber X3?
  10. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    I totally agree. One of the best looking stock rims for sure. My issue is trying to find a C rated (or even D rated) tire in 35' size that fits well on the stock rim and looks good too. I guess this would be the one ( but...
  11. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    And what are the specs - brand / size of the tire you are running? Looks great. Sorry if you posted but I didn't see it.
  12. 35” Tires - 17 or 18” Wheels

    Was this because you have had a bad experience with D or E rated tires in the past or just from reading all the stories here about E rated being an issue? I have had E rated (MT Baja ATZ P3) and now have XL (think its basically the same as C rated; Nitto Terra Grappler G2) and there is a...
  13. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    How would you say your ride quality is compared to stock? I am going back and forth on 17s vs 18s and trying to stay with a C rated tire vs E both for ride quality as I want to be able to go on a 2hr drive in comfort.
  14. 35” Tires - 17 or 18” Wheels

    I have had similar experiences with low profile tires but reality is it is hard to compare a Porsche Cayenne Turbo to a Jeep for a lot of reasons. I had 21s on my Cayenne Turbo and the ride was amazing, smooth, yet totally controllable. We have a 2018 Atlas now with 20s and very low profile...
  15. 35” Tires - 17 or 18” Wheels

    Thanks for the information. Jeep looks great. What brand and size tires are you running?
  16. Whats the best suspension for city driving?

    I have same exact issue with E rated tires. I see a lot of guys saying the Nitto Ridge Grappler is a great tire but also only E rated from what I have seen. I wonder how much of the harshness is due to the 18” wheel vs the 17” and how much is due to the E vs C rating. Given the stock Sahara...
  17. 35” Tires - 17 or 18” Wheels

    Anyone else go from 18s to 17s or vice versa with a 35” tire?
  18. 35” Tires - 17 or 18” Wheels

    I have the stock Sahara 18s from our 2016 JKU. Will put back on for trade in. On the Rubicon I’ll either sell th stock take offs or put in storage to do the same if/when I trade in that one down the road. Makes sense...I have heard that before. Just wondering if any other differences as some...
  19. 35” Tires - 17 or 18” Wheels

    I am currently running 33s - 315 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 (~12.2 wide) on a 18” Method wheel. For the JLU Rubicon I am considering I will want to go to 35s. Thinking of the Ridge Grappler. Question is should I go with 17” wheels or just keep my 18s? Would be easier to keep the 18s but not if...
  20. Please show me some tan interiors

    Anyone have a pic of Stinger Gray with tan leather seats they can share?