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  1. Old Man Emu BP-51

    I haven't experienced that. I'll keep an eye or ear on them as temps get colder.
  2. GMRS antenna mounting

    No. The mount hooks onto the hood. Midland Universal Hood and Trunk...
  3. GMRS antenna mounting

    I mounted my ghost antenna on the hood. Haven't tested the signal strength yet.
  4. Virginia Artec Spare Tire Delete Kit - Powdercoated Aluminum

    Jeep Wrangler JL Spare Tire Delete Kit - Powdercoated Aluminum. Excellent condition. $100
  5. Old Man Emu BP-51

    I am super happy with my Old Man Emu BP-51s. Sorry that's not much of a review. What can I say they are great!
  6. Aux switches stopped working after dealer visit

    I've got a Tazer. I'll try to reset the system with it. Thanks.
  7. Aux switches stopped working after dealer visit

    My 2018 JLU Rubicon's aux switches stopped working after a visit to a dealership. The settings for the switches are missing from the uconnect interface. That leads me to belive they flashed the Jeeps computer and my settings disappeared because the update was incorrectly performed. Anyone else...

    Yes, I bought a front set.
  9. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    @JeepCares my 8.4" display has the same issue. The top left hand corner has started to de-laminate. I am out of warranty, with over 48k miles on my JLUR. I haven't visited a dealership regarding this issue. I take excellent care of my Jeep and should not have this problem. Please advise. Thank you.
  10. Old Man Emu BP-51

  11. 40'S on your JL

    I bought extra pads and stacked 5. Yes I am losing some uptravel but I'm alright with it. I'm no longer slicing into my tires.
  12. 40'S on your JL

    I added more bump stop pads. I'm using the ones from Metalcloak. They are stackable.
  13. 40'S on your JL

    I wheel my Jeep at Rausch Creek. Black trails aren't an issue with my stock 44 axels. Things can break on the trail, regardless of tire size.