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  1. Diesel Rubicon 3.73 Gearing With Larger Tires?

    im assuming you are at or just above sea level and on mostly level terrain? the few dyno charts that are floating around the interwebs show the tq #s being less than 50% at 1400 rpms. Now dont get me wrong, im not saying your info is wrong in ANY way. im just curious if you are in fact in 8th at...
  2. Diesel Rubicon 3.73 Gearing With Larger Tires?

    Here is the problem i have. at 37" you will almost NEVER use 8th gear. Peak torque will roll in around 1500-1600, which means your best cruising rpm will be 1900-2000. In 8th you would be running 92mph. 7th would be 72, and your direct gear would have you around 60mph. You are going to see a...
  3. Koons Select Inventory Deal March 2020

    Hey Craig, what are you guys trying to move this month?
  4. Tons of great announcements from Tri-City!!!

    you guys have a glitch in the system? price on your grey JLURD changed last night from 47,095 to 44,384. woke up to call this morning and the price had changed back.
  5. BUYERS BEWARE...3.0 Diesel...JeepDOESNTCare

    yea i would imagine. Covid19 did more for the environment in 3 months, than 50 years of EPA work. its all money grabs. lithium mining, CARB requires DEF, CARB discovers how bad DEF is for the environment and starts pushing for something else. its all shots in the dark at our expense. give me an...
  6. BUYERS BEWARE...3.0 Diesel...JeepDOESNTCare

    Lord knows i wanna pull the trigger on a ED, but i dont think i will for now. Those of you thinking a Cummins would be any better are outside your minds. I have a 15 liter tier 4 Cummins in my work truck. 200k on the clock and its already been hospitalized 3 times for emission work. The market...