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  1. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    Mopar All weather floor mats, black Jeep logo, part number 6RV53TX7AA confirmed to fit from and back of the 4XE.
  2. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    Okay, good to know. I was just worried going 70+ down the freeway might be strong enough to have it start closing if it wasn't secured.
  3. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    I had my brother install mine yesterday but haven't heard any creaks yet. Do you guys that have one always use the securing straps that come with it? My only grumble about it is that they are not secured to the top so they have to be dug out every time it's opened.
  4. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    Part number 6RV53TX7AA are the ones with the black Jeep letter. I have then in my 4XE. They too are pretty much out of stock everywhere.
  5. Show us your spare tire cover

    Reppin' my Seattle Seawolves everywhere I go!
  6. eLECTRICON: 4xe Rubicon Build

    Awesome! I just ordered them. Called them and got the forum discount so they were $177 with tax. Granted, they're not in stock at the moment but hopefully will ship by the end of the month.
  7. Memorial Day Sales

    I messaged them 6+ weeks ago for a discount code to get seat covers. Never heard back. However, if you go to Northridge 4x4's website and sign up for their emails, you get a $50 off coupon. That's what I did and ordered it through them instead.
  8. Remote–Proximity Keyless–Entry

    Pretty sure Northridge figured I didn't do any homework on it. They said I'd need a Taser, too, but at that point Z-Automotive had not received their 4XE and said it wouldn't work. And everyone who tried using it got error codes. 3-4 hours of labor seems more the norm to me, especially for an...
  9. Remote–Proximity Keyless–Entry

    I asked Northridge 4X4 about installing this on my 4XE. They said it'd be a 10-12 hour job @ $125/hr :surprised:
  10. 4xE Order Status??

    I got this one at the dealership in Shelton, WA. The only other one on the lot is the one I originally ordered.
  11. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    What sidesteps did you get? Looks like they worked with the OEM Rubi rock rails.
  12. CHIEF Blue Wrangler JL Club

    It was a very limited run for the first few months of being able to pre-order them. Even though it's still listed on the configurator of the website, you can't actually order it any more so I'm super lucky 🍀
  13. Rubicon vs. High Altitude Help

    I am 5'4" and I struggle to get into my Rubi, LOL! But when I get out, I have to slide off the seat and with leather seats, they will get worn out, unless you have good seat covers. I like my Jeep towel seat covers so I'll be getting some Ace Engineering rock slider installed shortly to help...
  14. CHIEF Blue Wrangler JL Club

    Picked up my Chief Blue membership card over the weekend. Love the color and how it stands out in the crowd!
  15. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    How long did it take you? I got a quote from a local 4x4 shop who said they researched it and it would take 10-12 hours. They also said I'd need a Tazer but I have a 4XE and it's already well known the Tazer doesn't work so he didn't research that hard.
  16. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    Picked up this Chief Blue Rubicon on Saturday. Not the Sahara I ordered but I'm okay with that :like: So far it has a lot of little mods like stubby antenna, seat covers, steering wheel cover, center console organizer by OCD, and Mopar all weather floor mats. Waiting until it gets warmer to be...
  17. Freedom panel - barely fit in back

    That's exactly what I did. Just waiting for it to warm up enough to get it installed.
  18. Bonus Drive $250 check.

    Just submitted mine today! Hope they can read the purchase contract. Darn yellow paper, LOL!
  19. Desperate for mats and cargo liner...

    The part number is 6RV53TX7AA001 for the black front & back all weather Mopar mats. They work perfect because I just installed them.