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  1. Freedom begins; new jeep owners

    I had a 1 ton truck, license office transferred tag, lowered weight. Was their decision
  2. Freedom begins; new jeep owners

    Fuel Zephyr, 17x9, added this week. Next up, Falcon 3.3's and Falcon adjustable stabilizer
  3. North Carolina Sold: 2019 Rubicon wheels

    5 stock Rubicon wheels, valve stems included, no tpms. A1 condition. 2100 miles on them when removed. No damage. $400 , Sanford NC
  4. Dealer copout

    I'm running stock wheels for now, build is on stairsteps per the wife. Lol. Guess I'll look into aftermarket for tool to do other changes. Options help ???
  5. Dealer copout

    Yes sir, nothing else changed but tire size. Dealer claimed I needed to have computer flashed to accept new tire size, as well as transmission. His words, service supervisor, that is
  6. I am back (and finally a JL owner!)

    Congratulations, Awesome color choice
  7. Dealer copout

    Took my 2019 to dealer after throwing 35's on it. Got me for $158 to flash computer, yet only done speedo, claiming they can't reprogram transmission or tpms on 18 and newer jeeps. Anybody else hear this story
  8. Freedom begins; new jeep owners

    We tried Uwharrie Sunday, with son in law as our guide. Grandkids along for the ride. Made our way over every trail but those beginning with D. Lol. This Rubicon jeep is a blast to operate. Addiction has begun
  9. First Opportunity to Off-road

    Congratulations, same with us, definitely hooked. Family Fun
  10. Freedom begins; new jeep owners

    First mod, 35x12.50x17's. Stayin with stock wheels for now. 120 hiway miles and it drives the same, as I was hoping for.
  11. North Carolina Roll Call

    Sanford , Uwharrie is on the list of hopefully many adventures
  12. Freedom begins; new jeep owners

    A special thank you to my wife Betty, she is in this adventure 100%. Located in the middle of NC, we will be finding trails and friends
  13. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    New to the jeep family, thank you for the chance to enjoy and learn. 2019 Rubicon Unlimited, black, v6, auto. Appreciate the chance to wander through this library of knowledge.