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  1. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    Hey All. I'm going Christmas tree hunting this weekend. Thinking about going up to waiperous again, because thats where we got one last year. Has anyone been out in the last little bit who can speak to the trail and weather out there? Is there a bunch of snow on the ground already from the...
  2. The point of half doors?

    Getting around some traffic restrictions. In some provinces up here, and maybe some states, it's a traffic violation to have no doors. Half doors are fine though.
  3. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    It sits really nicely on the grab bar on the passenger side, doesn't move at al. I get so many looks when people walk by haha.
  4. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    My last few weekends haven't been terrible if I'm being completely honest. Camping at Lynx Creek in the Castle Mountain Area, and Spray lakes West. Not included in the photos is camping at Livingstone Falls PRA. And cooking on the tailgate last night hoping to see some of the meteor shower out...
  5. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Figured I should pop back in here. Took the Mojito camping.
  6. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    Hey all. Looking to head down to Crowsnest pass for the weekend to do some camping. Does anyone have any recommendations of sites that are Jeep/dog friendly? Provincial campgrounds or random camping, doesn't much matter to me at the moment, just looking for suggestions as I start to plan my...
  7. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    Went out to Waiparous today. Was going to do the loop to get the Margret's lake, but it was just us and got into some snow on the hills that we just weren't prepared to tackle. Thought I had gotten a bit lost in there, but just being unfamiliar with the area caused some challenges. Will go...
  8. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    Very nice. Keep us updated on those conditions. Im on the south end of town so McLean Creek is easier for me to get to than ghost, and I plan on spending a bunch of time wandering the trails this summer.
  9. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    How was it out there? I'm planning on heading out to the lake there Saturday. Was there still ice on the hills?
  10. Steering Damper

    Hey all. I have a JLU Sahara, and I've put a rubicon suspension on it. When I got the suspension, it came with the Rubicon steering damper. Does it matter if I put that on, or is it the same as the Sahara damper? Thanks!
  11. For Sale Rubicon 2020 Wheels & Tires, White Fenders, Steel Bumbers

    If still around, what is the price on the bumper?
  12. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Upper control arm bolt. When I did the suspension swap I remember trying to get them to loosen up, but I didn't remember if I had gotten them or not, and by the time I was butting it up it was day two of a 2 hour job and I was tired and hungry and angry with myself, so I didn't check my work...
  13. Impact wrench / driver recommendation?

    I just picked up the Ryobi 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench. It has three speeds, and works with the One+ ecosystem that I already am fairly invested in (drills, saws, leaf blower, etc.) I used it a bit today and it did what I needed it to do.
  14. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Played "Find the Rattle" after doing a suspension swap. I won, but it took a good hour of driving and checking to figure out what it was.
  15. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    That is great, thank you. I will be going off road, but only moderately. I doubt I'll be disconnecting anything at this point, I don't plan on doing anything too crazy... yet.
  16. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Lots of people posting here put Rubi springs on their rigs and then spacers. I'm just looking to fit 33's under my Sahara nicely, so thinking of doing just the spring/shock swap. My uses don't require a big lift at this point. In general, it seems people have gotten just under an inch doing...
  17. Alberta JL owners out here? show off your rig!

    Anyone been out the Transalta trail recently? Looking to go in a weekend or two and wondering what the conditions have been like. Thanks!
  18. Remote Start not working colder than -20C

    That’s strange. I just started mine up, weather network says -27 and my thermometer by the house says -25 in calgary today. Not plugged into a block heater. 3.6 auto Sahara here.
  19. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Does this count?
  20. Wave at Gladiators?

    Honestly, I wave at Gladiators. Why? Because from the front at a glance they look the same and I should be paying more attention to my lane than theirs.