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  1. Your take on the RTT vs. Ground tent debate

    there are backbone systems that can support 900 lbs available. You have to drill through the roof however. The supports attach to the roll bar and allow much higher capacity.
  2. 8 Speed Transmission Serviced (850RE)

    My best unscientific guess is 3-4 quarts. The main issue is the fill hole is above the filter so I don’t think you would get to the very bottom of the pan. But it would be close enough in my opinion.
  3. Your take on the RTT vs. Ground tent debate

    I had a roof top tent on my JLU, 3.5" lift and 37's. Hated it. Too high, wife refused to climb up there, and honestly I wasn't real fond of climbing up there either. Went back to my Springbar tent and much easier and happier. In all reality I can clear camp in less than 30 minutes so not a big...
  4. Can I Upgrade Basic Head Unit with a Plug N Play?

    I have the basic ( I think 5") head unit in my JLU. If I purchase the larger screen (7/8") out of a wreck, is it plug and play, or will I need a dealer to flash something? What if I order a headunit from mopar parts online, is it plug n play then? TIA!
  5. Hinge reinforcement and 37s

    I went with the Rugged Ridge Reinforcement. Been hauling my 37 now for about 8 months and several trips to the rocky trails of Moab. It has held up great! Tailgate doesn't drop at all when opened.
  6. 2021 wrangler Jl 3.5 lift on 38s vehicle height

    It should fit with a bit of room to spare. I have the teraflex 3.5 and 37's, and a Thule crossbar setup and can still get in a 7 foot garage.
  7. Jl over heating issue

    what temp is it getting to? 3.6 or 2.0? The 3.6 high fan doesn’t even come on until 228 degrees.
  8. Eaton E-Locker now available for JL axles

    Still faster than Atlas with a transfer case. I'm pretty sure they aren't producing one for the JL at this point after promises 3 YEARS ago.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Todays addition. Thule cargo box.
  10. Let's talk winches folks

    If I had not found a used Warn XD9000i for $250, I would have gone with the Apex 12k from HF. Have seen several in use and would put them up against a warn any day of the week. I like them so much I am considering selling my Warn to get one, just to have something a bit more modern.
  11. 8 Speed Transmission Serviced (850RE)

    I think the pan would be plenty strong enough to support an aftermarket drain plug, the problem I would see is the clearance underneath or to the side of the filter. The filter sits in the lowest part of the pan, not sure there is enough clearance underneath it for the plug. Would be interested...
  12. 8 Speed Transmission Serviced (850RE)

    Correct, I assume the torque converter was full of old fluid. Driving around for a few thousand then doing another drain and fill would be ideal. I don't plan on doing it again until 50k however.
  13. 8 Speed Transmission Serviced (850RE)

    That is the $10 pump from Autozone, worked great.
  14. 8 Speed Transmission Serviced (850RE)

    Yes that is all that is needed for a service. I bought my ATF off of Amazon as it was less expensive than the dealer. 7 quarts was $158, about $30 for the filter, and $40 for the gasket. Wasn't sure how much fluid I would need is reason I bought so much.
  15. 8 Speed Transmission Serviced (850RE)

    In case anyone is interested. I serviced my "lifetime" fluid transmission at 26k miles. My transmission has always had a faint whine most noticeably in 2nd and 5th gears. It sounds like an alternator whining but it is indeed the transmission. Dealers and mechanics have said it is normal as these...
  16. JL resale values are insane!

    Used car prices have been trending downward for over eight weeks now, they are expected to continue to do so. They will remain relatively high but not as high as they were earlier this year. New car inventory is expected to not recover for up to three years, this will help keep prices higher...
  17. Diffrence between JL and JK gears and installation ?

    My JK cost more than my JL regear.....but only because I used a different shop. But to answer your is NO more technical. Going rate for both axles parts and labor in my area is $1800ish.....
  18. Regearing to 4.88.. what oil do you guys use?

    Valvoline synthetic. 75w140 in the rear, 75w90 in the front. Ran it in my last 3 Jeeps, never an issue, only thing I have ever used.
  19. Transmission temps

    220 is fine. I have seen it go that high a few times when towing up a grade. Start getting concerned if it reaches 260....