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  1. My new scissor jack setup

    No leaks so far. I used it for a 5 tire rotation about two weeks ago and had no problems. It's been laying sideways in the little jack cubby the whole time.
  2. Beware the Little Trees!!!

    Just tell people it's a topographic map.
  3. Beware the Little Trees!!!

    Holy shit, this is the property damage version of that movie "The Happening".
  4. My dilemma im having with the service dept installing my mopar lift

    I firmly and legitimately believe they hire "mechanics" who don't know how to do anything past changing oil. When I had my Hellcat Charger in for warranty work on the transmission, they always told me there was only one guy who could work on it. And that asshole was gone half the time, which is...
  5. Does having a steel bumper help in a mild collision?

    My answer is yes, it absolutely does. But only in low speed, minor fender benders. I've been rear-ended twice since I installed my steel bumper and it has held up beautifully. The cars that hit me, not so much. Here's a pic from the last time it happened about two weeks ago. A Magic Eraser and a...
  6. New 2022 4xe Wheel Design

    While I don't hate any of the wheels that come on JLs, I don't necessarily like them either. That said, I think all the Mopar performance wheels look great, especially the beadlocks.
  7. Funny cartoon but true [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    If you have a Rubicon, you can lock the diffs and easily drive through the chasm.
  8. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    I love my ARs and their fancy optics, but if s*it really did hit the fan, I'm grabbing the AK.
  9. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    Always good to have an easy access Ka-bar too.
  10. 1,200 mile gift from Gorilla Glass

    They will. At first my dealer refused to warranty my steering box because I had the Mopar lift.
  11. 1,200 mile gift from Gorilla Glass

    Don't go to the dealer. Looks like you have an aftermarket sticker on your hood, which is undoubtedly what caused the crack. The dealer will spot this immediately and deny the repair.
  12. Diesel in snow problems

    How the hell did the engine heat not melt the snow? My 2.0 gets so hot under there it would turn the snow to water, then to steam, then to plasma.
  13. Doug Demuro Reviews Jeep Wrangler 392 Xtreme Rubicon

    Same here. I have both other tops because I wanted the full open top offered by the soft top and the practicality of the hard top. I got both of those things, but swapping the tops out is such a pain in the ass that I'm not sure its worth it. I love Doug btw!
  14. Option For Patching A Soft Top Tear?

    Got my soft top out of storage to put it on and once it was on I noticed a small tear in the outer layer of fabric. The tear is only on the outermost layer and it's still waterproof, I just want to prevent anything further. What have you guys used to patch a soft top?
  15. Rolled Jeep (not 392) - Ouch

    Damn, he defied gravity with that hangtime. This guy is the Michael Jordan of flipping Jeeps.
  16. Rear Ended A Second Time. What To Check On Steel Bumper?

    Here’s where she hit the trailer hitch step. Edit: Now seeing this pic, looks like she may have made some contact with the muffler
  17. Rear Ended A Second Time. What To Check On Steel Bumper?

    If anything she wasn't even going that fast. I'm guessing that since the bumper is still the exact same distance from the body of the Jeep as it was before, nothing was bent.
  18. Rear Ended A Second Time. What To Check On Steel Bumper?

    So you got it inspected at a Jeep dealer? Was there anything visible that indicated the frame damage?
  19. Rear Ended A Second Time. What To Check On Steel Bumper?

    I got rear ended for second time last night. It was a relatively low speed collision, she was going maybe 10-12 mph in an older Acura TSX or whatever model, which had to have been totaled. She tried to flee the scene and I had to run her down, but that's a different story. First time was by a...
  20. Jeep Debuts ‘Path Connected’ Video Previewing Uconnect 5 and How Software Can Enhance Experiences in Future

    My God, could you imagine the horrors that would result from good ol' Jeep service depts doing this kind of thing??