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  1. Cluster failing

    Can’t say that I have ever seen this on a vehicle screen, but I have seen this on laptop screens. Often, it is the connection to the screen, so that would be the first thing that would need to be checked. It may just be a bad cable or something came loose.
  2. Heartbroken

    I feel the same regret every year … how could I not go to McDonalds one more time for the McRib?
  3. 2022 392 Wrangler Price Increase

    Never underestimate the need for many men to use powerful vehicles to cover up their shortcomings … of course, I am not referring to anyone who reads this forum.
  4. Used Car Price Bubble - Jeep Impacts

    The whole thing is based on the lack of supply combined with many consumers having more money (so, increased demand). I think both of those things do change … chip production will come up and people will use more services/travel with extra dollars. Either one of those things will bring prices...
  5. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    I think that most drivers would be well-served by either engine, so based on how hard it can be in some places to get a Wrangler, you may not want to be too picky. Having said that, I did drive both engines in the city and on the highway. I did like the 2.0, as it is very torquey and really...
  6. Battery dead every 5-6 months

    While I understand that there is a strong belief (and rightly so) that you should not shell out your own money for upgraded parts when a replacement is available for free … this may be one good exception. My Jeep had extremely low mileage (under 8K miles in 2 years, with long stretches of...
  7. Jeep Wrangler Q4 and Full-Year 2021 U.S. Sales Figures

    You’re right, I was looking at the Q4 column. Still, an outdated SUV outsold Chrysler, which is basically a minivan company. Big drop from the days of yore, where 500K would be a bad sales year.
  8. 3.0L “Tornado” Straight-Six Engine (GME T6) Coming to Various Jeep Models?

    Another vote for a new “LJ Unlimited” … I’d buy one in a heartbeat.
  9. Jeep Wrangler Q4 and Full-Year 2021 U.S. Sales Figures

    Hard to believe how far Chrysler has fallen as a brand. Combined with Dodge, they barely hit 100K units now that Ram is its own division. Toyota sells more 4Runners than those two brands combined!
  10. Already down at 3,605 miles :(

    Being insistent will be your best friend here. They are quite happy to let you be mad by yourself, but demand action be taken and it often is. I find that most components on Jeeps are fairly solid …. Relatively reliable engines, ZF transmissions are reliable (as are most manuals), and a solid...
  11. NEWBIE GRANDMA can't shift AT ALL from 2H to 4H!! What the...??

    I was thinking the same thing … clear enough out the first 5-8 feet behind the vehicle ... if you have to turn (such as your car backs out onto an alleyway), you may want to do a bit more. The extra few feet of movement may be enough to get momentum to let you pull the lever.
  12. Is the JL generation history in the making?

    Yes, I should have stated that. She has a full electric. The warm-up is powered by the power outlet, so it doesn’t even affect her range.
  13. Jeep temperature rating

    Haven’t seen -50F with the Jeep, but we got down to -33F last week during a cold snap. Heater worked fine, no issues there. In terms of tires, even winter tires will have a hard time maintaining full grip below -20F, so take corners like you have your grandmother drinking tea in the front with...
  14. Which engine to order with Rubicon (canceling a 4xe order)

    I am not sure that you can go wrong, to be honest. I drove the 2.0L and the 3.6 and both had their strengths. In terms of reliability, any engine can fail or last a long time if well maintained.
  15. Snow!

    Snow is one thing … you may want to be a little more cautious on ice. In 2WD, even with snow tires, she can get a little ”tail-happy” if you hit the gas too hard.
  16. Is the JL generation history in the making?

    I never thought of the engine as being what makes a Wrangler unique. It is not a Corvette or a Mustang. It was about its off-road ability. I am not sure that changing to a turbo engine really affects that (other than offending tradition). I am not sure if a hybrid or even a full-electric...
  17. Help me name my jeep 😉

    When you close your eyes, what name comes up, light up brightly? It worked for Dirk …
  18. Pass on the Gorilla Glass

    Where I live in Calgary, the combination of cold weather and dryness can make de-icing solutions useless. So, during very cold stretches, they use dirt and gravel to improve traction. It works, but the result is that we have more glass shops per capita than anywhere else. I was up sold by my...
  19. Feedback on my predicament...

    I was thinking the same thing. I live in a much colder climate and I make do without them … you’ll survive.